Rebound memory foam

Anyone know anything about Rebound memory foam? Appears to be particles of foam bonded together. I can see pieces of gel memory foam and it has a memory foam feel. Contained in two memory foam mattresses out of China. What would be the benefit (other than low cost) to this sort of foam? How durable might it be? Any info would be appreciated. I can’t find anything on the internet about it.


I think you probably mean Rebond foam which is particles or chunks of foam (memory foam or otherwise) that are held together with a binder of some type. It is typically used as carpet underlay or in some cases as a mattress support core (such as with Pure Latex bliss). I have no idea of the specifics of the rebond foam used in the mattress you are considering but I personally would hesitate to take a chance with a material that I was unfamiliar with or in the case of Asian manufacturers that weren’t CertiPur certified for harmful materials or offgassing.

The benefit is that it can use cheap scrap pieces of memory foam that would otherwise be wasted and that depending on the resin used and on the quality of the manufacturing can be a durable material.