Rebuild to Hybrid

Doing a lot of reading and I am going to be looking at rebuilding my mattress to a hybrid. The one unknown I have is there any way to confirm before taking all my current mattress apart that there is no issue with the springs.

The current mattress is a Serta Seneca with pocket coils.

Hi CaptCrunch.

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Innersprings as a support core are, as a rule, quite resilient. Pocket coils have great shape-conforming abilities and are rarely the weak link in a mattress.

That said, without opening the unit is hard to say if there are any issues with it because it depends on a number of factors. Here are a few questions that will help you determine how likely it is that the coils can be reused in a DIY.

  • How old is this mattress and how much use has it been getting (seasonal vs daily use)?
  • Have you been the primary sleeper on this mattress? If so…
  • Consider you/partner’s height/weight (BMI)? ….to determine the overall level of compression the mattress has been subjected to.
  • Type of mechanical stress (kids using it as a trampoline vs lying down or sleeping?

If you are not currently experiencing any pain or sagging on the mattress, would be a good indication that the unit maintained its integrity. If you are, however, experiencing sagging or pain, then the coils may very well be part of the problem and need replacing.

Looking forward to more information!


Thanks for the reply,

The mattress was purchased in Jan 2014 so it has a few years on it mostly single person use up till a few years ago and daily use. Looking to replace it as with the last unit before this starting to get hip and shoulder pain as a side sleeper this was the wake-up call to look for a replacement.

I am thinking that the springs will be good as I have spun it when I remember too to make sure it has even wear on the left and right. I can see a dip in the mattress in the hip area but does look to be foam worn down.

I did a DIY rebuild on a Serta mattress a couple of years ago. Details here:

I found the pocket coils to be in good condition even though the mattress had sags and dips in several areas. The hard foam surrounding the coils had started to break down a bit though. I decided to go ahead and reuse the pocket coils and surrounding foam in the rebuild. A year later the hard foam had broken down to the extent that it was difficult for my spouse to sit on the edge of the bed without sliding off. I decided then to replace the pocket coils with a latex core.

If your mattress has a foam surround, does it feel firm all around? You may be able to partly open the top seam in your mattress enough do a visual check and still be able to use it temporarily by unraveling the thread as shown in the Ken Hightower DIY videos.Good luck with your project!