Receiving new mattress - wondering regarding old cover

Hello Phoenix,

I am exchanging my current medium Latex mattress for a firm Latex mattress which is suppose to come in a few days. I have a CoolMax cover that I used for the Medium Latex, and the manufacturer is planning on simply putting the old cover on the new Firm Latex mattress. For the last few nights, I had been sleeping on the medium without the mattress protector just to see how it feels without it. I am still whole with my decision to move to the Firm Latex, but my question is: Since I have been sleeping On the Medium and the CoolMax cover without the mattress protector, is there anything that could have penetrated to the cover (dust mites, allergens, anti-bacterial germs) that can be transferred to the new firm mattress once I place the cover around it? Can the cover be washed, and should it be washed before I move it to the Firm Latex mattress and then put the mattress protector on again ? Should I ask for a new cover for the Firm mattress all together? If not, is it fine to use the same CoolMax cover despite having used it for the last few days without the mattress protector, then cover the new firm mattress with it, and then put the mattress protector on, and it would basically be a “fresh start” without any germs, dust mites, etc?

Thanks very much Pheonix,


Hi wssviper,

It’s not something I would worry about no unless there was some obvious soiling or staining.

Coolmax covers can usually be washed but I would make sure you check the care instructions first which are probably on the tag (or check with the manufacturer) to make sure because there are a few that only suggest spot cleaning. Again though if it’s only been a few days and there isn’t any obvious soiling or staining then it’s not something I would worry about.