Recently Purchased Mattress from CozyPure

Realizing we needed to replace our King Winndom mattress, I used the information on this forum to identify a possible replacement as I was not pleased with the Winndom’s customer service. This forum has such a wealth of information, and I’m grateful for the moderators and posters for sharing their knowledge and experiences. I hope that my post will help others as well.

I settled on visiting CozyPure in Norfolk, Virginia on a Saturday. Hans was terrific, and I enjoyed the buying experience. The mattress arrived in a couple weeks, although the delivery vehicle could not get into our driveway. Thankfully my husband was able to use a truck and meet the driver just up the road. The driver helped him load the mattress and box springs onto his truck but my husband was on his own for unloading at our house. The box springs are manageable, the mattress less so. We had quite a few laughs trying to figure out how to get the mattress into our house from the garage. We figured it out though.

We are very pleased with the mattress - comfortable, no discernible odor. The mattress comes with a sheet set and two pillows. Here’s the feedback I’d like to give others…as a side sleeper, I typically use a firm pillow. I was concerned that the normal fill would not be supportive enough, and Hans thought the pillow with additional fill would be the best choice. The pillows are great, except a normal king pillowcase is too small! The regular size pillowcase makes the pillow like a stuffed sausage with no room to flex, and finding pillowcases that are larger than the typical 20-21" x 36-40" size is proving to be a challenge. Since the pillows cannot be washed or dried, it is imperative that pillowcases be used. I was able to find oversized pillowcases online that are 31" x 40" but they are actually too wide. I recognize that I could have pillowcases made from a flat sheet, but I am definitely no seamstress so I’ll have to find someone to help with that.

I called CozyPure to provide this feedback and to ask if they sold oversized pillowcases. After looking at my order, I was told that I was shipped the king sized pillowcases (yes, true) but the reason the pillowcases didn’t fit is because I had ordered the pillows with extra fill. No argument there, but it would have been helpful to know that the extra fill pillows would not fit regular king sized pillowcases. I went with Hans’ suggestion since I am almost exclusively a side sleeper, so I feel a bit misled.

I’m disappointed in CozyPure’s attitude (perhaps I’m being oversensitive) that it was MY fault for ordering pillows with extra fill. Had I known the pillows would not fit regular sized pillowcases, I would likely have tried the regular fill pillows or perhaps tried the custom fill pillows that have a zipper to allow one to take out some noodles. The company has been in business for a while, and I’m surprised they’ve not encountered this problem before.

I don’t regret my purchase of the mattress. Just a little saddened by the challenge of finding pillowcases that fit, and CozyPure’s response to my call. My hope is that anyone considering pillows with extra fill will be aware of this potential pitfall, as buying matching pillowcases for your sheet set may be an annoyance.

Hi kmg,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your CozyPure mattress. :cheer: You certainly did make a good quality choice, and I’ll be interested in learning of your feedback about the mattress once you’ve had a chance to sleep upon it for a while longer.

The firmness of a pillow would be a personal preference, and the main concern you’d want as a side sleeper is to make sure that the pillow is thick enough to allow for a relatively neutral alignment while on your side, and then that the materials used within were supportive enough to accommodate that posture throughout the night. While I wasn’t a part of your conversation, based upon your comments, I would agree with the assessment that Hans provided, and as you visited the store I’m guessing you had a chance to sample the pillow (or at least the normal version) along with the mattress you chose, to make sure that it was comfortable for you (which it seems to be :slight_smile: ).

Being an “overstuffed” pillow, you may want to procure oversized pillowcases, depending upon your preference of how snug you like your pillow to be within the pillowcase. This is common for pillows like this, along with customizable pillows, where the fill is removable and the pillows arrived in an “overstuffed” manner as well.

The pillow industry is a bit odd, where the sizes for pillows are more “recommendations” than actual strict guidelines. A king is generally regarded as 20” x 36”, but it varies quite a bit in total dimensions, and then circumference. Sheet producers aren’t much better, as there are wide variations in the pillowcases they produce that are marketed as “king”. I personally choose to order “oversized” pillowcases regardless to avoid any potential issues.

I don’t think anyone is misleading you, as the pillowcases fit, but they are tighter than what you prefer.

Yes, I would agree with you that you’re being a bit oversensitive, but that’s OK. I understand with a new product that you want everything to be perfect as to what you prefer it to be, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting that. But going from a pillowcase that fits a bit too tight for your preference to saying you’ve been misled, or being blamed for ordering an overstuffed pillow that was actually suggested to you, seems to be a little bit of a reach to me. If this was indeed a common complaint/issue (and not meaning to delegitimize your concerns at all), I’m sure that CozyPure would have responded by offering special pillowcases, as they have experience selling thousands of these pillows.

Your advice of realizing that someone ordering an overstuffed pillow might desire an oversized pillowcase is a good point, and I appreciate you bringing it up in case people wouldn’t have already realized this. One thing I can tell you, from personal experience with this pillow, is that over time this pillow will “settle” a bit and will fit better in your pillowcases.

Thanks again for the comments about your purchase and the points about overstuffed pillows.


Good morning, Phoenix -

Thanks for your comments and perspective. Could you share where you find oversized pillowcases? I think that is what is driving my frustration, as when I checked the usual suspects (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s), I couldn’t find anything beyond the standard king sized pillowcases. Then I called CozyPure, hoping that they sold oversized pillowcases. Lastly I tried Amazon and found one option, offered only in white. I ordered those, and they definitely are big enough, too large in fact. Just call me Goldilocks. :slight_smile:


Hi kmg,

Some source for larger king pillows cases off of the top of my head:

Our Manufacturer Memberships :: The Mattress Underground They have a quilted pillowcase and also a thinner inner pillowcase, and they will custom sew any size pillow covering for you.

Their pillowcases arrive oversize, but I would phone to find out exact dimensions.
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Lands' End: Jeans, Chinos, Coats, Sweaters, Turtlenecks – Pillowcases are 20” x 40”, so a little longer than normal.

Designer Sheets & Bed Linens in Canada | Mattress & Sleep Co. Very knowledgeable about sheets and can create a bespoke package for you. They are a site member. Call to confirm availability of oversized in king. Many options. Offers many in 20” x 40” and also may have other sizes. Has the Big One 21” x 41”. Has kings at 21” x 34”.

An internet search on oversized pillowcases and specific dimension turns up quite a few more.


Thanks, Phoenix.

In particular, I am looking for pillowcases with a width of more than 20-21" (it’s not the length that’s the problem for me, because any extra pillow can just hang out). I will check out the options you have suggested and hopefully find a pillow case that is more than 20-21" but not quite as wide as the one I have found that is 31" x 40".

Hi kmg,

If you know the exact dimensions you want, I’d give DIYNaturalBedding a call and see what they might be able to do for you.

As another thought, there are some companies who make affordable custom sized pillowcases.