Recommend comparables to Rhapsody Luxe?

Hello folks,

My wife and I recently performed test drives at a large mattress store and both of us immediately fell in love with the Tempur-Countour Rhapsody Luxe. We were put-off by the annoying salesperson so we left the store to buy online. And now that I have found this website I am glad I waited!

We are looking for a Medium-Firm quality memory foam mattress - something as similar to the Tempur-Contour Rhapsody Luxe as possible.

I have read this forum up and down the past week and I don’t think I am any closer to finding a mattress to buy. I understand the composition of the Rhapsody Luxe but it seems I can’t find any online retailer that describes their mattress as ‘feels like the Rhapsody Luxe’.

We need a mattress and foundation ASAP, any help would be appreciated!

You should check out the mattress underground members list:Our Manufacturer Memberships :: The Mattress Underground

There are several companies on the list that specialize in memory foam and take online orders, it would be a decent starting place to do some research.

Hi there,

I have gone down that list and looked at least a half-dozen. Only Restava, Brooklyn Beds, and Novosbed seems to make direct comparisons to Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Some don’t even bother to indicate where their mattresses fall in a firmness scale. To be frank I am pretty appalled at how little information is on these websites. You would think direct retailers would provide more information.

Hi basscadet,

There is more about “matching” one mattress to another one in post #9 here but there are several others as well in the list of online memory foam suppliers here that compare their mattresses to the Tempurpedic lineup or that can help you choose which of their mattresses would be closest to the Tempurpedic mattress you are considering besides the three that you mentioned.

When you are considering an online purchase that you can’t test in person then a more detailed phone conversation is one of the most important parts of a mattress purchase so you can make sure you have all your questions answered including the ones you know to ask and the ones you may not initially realize need to be asked as well (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).

Firmness ratings are very subjective and can vary between manufacturers or even between different people on the same mattress so it’s much more reliable to assess the firmness of a mattress with your own personal testing or when that not possible by using a reference point of a specific mattress that both you and a manufacturer are familiar with and based on a more detailed conversation on the phone. These types of questions may not be as simple as you believe they are where a single firmness number or rating will tell you much about a mattress in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) or how firm or soft it will feel to you.


Phoenix -

Is there any way we can start a thread where users can say “If you like then you might like ” on the forum?

I appreciate your posts but it is not generally possible for people to explain what they feel when they sit on a bed. I would think that trying to explain to a mattress salesperson what kind of mattress they are looking for would be a laughably futile exercise.

The only way to truly judge a mattress is to sit on it. This is why I think it is incredibly important that this site starts emphasizing comparables rather than getting into incredibly tedious exercises of material conversations. Does it matter what kind of foam or how dense it is? Truly? No, it does not. What matters is how a person’s body adapts to that material.

This is a much more accurate way of describing and comparing mattresses. Directing people to the same list of approved vendors is just not very helpful. What is helpful is if someone can tell me which mattress offered by those vendors is the closest to the Tempur-Contour series of beds.

So…can anyone help me with that?

Hi basscadet,

I would certainly have no problems with any member here that started a thread to compare the mattress they purchased with one of the Tempurpedic mattresses and there are many members who have done just that. A forum search on a specific mattress will bring up all the comments on the forum about it. You will find that different people will have different experiences and opinions about how well any mattress will match another one because there are so many variables involved and a mattress that is a “perfect match” for one person or even a group of people may be “very different” for someone else. There is more about the different ways that one mattress can “match” another one in post #9 here.

Using other people’s experiences on a mattress as a guideline for what someone else may feel is very risky because there are so many unknowns, variables, and subjective factors involved so there would be much less value in using these types of “reviews” as a guideline for your choice compared to more legitimate types of research. In the end the return or exchange options you have after a purchase are much more important than other people’s assessments of a mattress so that you can use your own “real life” experience to decide how well any mattress works for you or how closely it “matches” another mattress. The risk that you may be different from others or that a mattress won’t work out for you as well as you hoped is part of the risk of every online purchase.

You are right that it doesn’t matter what “kind” of foam or components a mattress uses since that part is a personal preference. You are also correct that at the end of the day the only way to know whether a mattress is a good match for you would be based on either your own personal testing or your own actual sleeping experience. You are also completely incorrect though that the quality/density/durability of the foam makes no difference and it’s a mistake that many people make that is one of the most common reasons for buyers remorse. It’s also one of the “arguments” that many inexperienced salespeople who don’t know any better or who don’t know the quality of the materials in their mattresses will tell their customers.

There is more about the different parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here but the two most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase for most people are the “suitability” of a mattress and the “durability” of a mattress. One without the other makes little sense and they aren’t mutually exclusive. Even if a mattress is a perfect match in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) when it’s new … It would have little value if rapid foam softening from the use of lower quality/density materials leads to the loss of comfort and support much too quickly relative to the price you paid.

Two of the worst ways to choose a mattress are brand shopping (see post #5 here) or making a choice based on other people’s experiences and reviews (see post #13 here) both of which can lead to unreasonable expectations and disappointment.

I’m not sure what you are suggesting here but I certainly have no intention of suggesting people consider the worst mattresses I’m aware of rather than those that are among the best. There are hundreds of posts and lists all around the forum that include my comments about hundreds of different retailers and manufacturers and mattresses in every area of the country and if I had to guess I would say that somewhere between 75% - 90% (and probably much closer to the higher number) of the mattress purchases that are made as a result of the information on this site is with retailers and manufacturers that aren’t one of the members here. While there have been a few people that have made similar comments (see some of my comments in post #5 here for an example) … it’s most often an indication that they haven’t read the mattress shopping tutorial or spent much time on the site or they would have realized that I point to “value” wherever I see it and have done so ever since the site started over 3 years ago.

[quote]What is helpful is if someone can tell me which mattress offered by those vendors is the closest to the Tempur-Contour series of beds.

So…can anyone help me with that? [/quote]

Hopefully some of the other members here will read your post and share their experiences but as you hopefully know by reading this reply so far … there will never be a consensus about which mattress is the best “match” for another one just like there will never be a consensus about any choice that has so many subjective elements involved. Most people have also only compared the mattress they purchased to the Tempurpedic if they are purchasing online and have no experience with any of the other options that they could have decided on. There are also other parts to each person’s personal value equation that may be just as important and if someone buys a mattress that is a perfect match for them in terms of PPP but it’s a little different in terms of its subjective “feel” then it would make little difference whether it was an exact match to the Tempurpedic mattress they were using as a reference point as long as it’s a perfect match for them based on all the parts of their personal value equation that are most important to them.

While you can do a forum search on any of the specific Tempurpedic mattresses you are using as a reference and read the feedback from other forum members about mattresses they have purchased that used the same reference point … in the end your own experience and opinions will be the most important factor regardless of how others may feel which means that the options you have after a purchase to customize, exchange, or return your mattress may be a more important part of the “value” of a purchase than how a mattress compares to a Tempurpedic based on the more subjective perceptions and descriptions of other people that may be very different from your own.


Select Foam offers a bed directly comparable to the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Countour Rhapsody Luxe that is called the Select Foam SELECT-Conform Regalis-HD

Same general principle of construction in the Regalis (compared ot the Rhapsody) with SELECT-HD 7lb density memory Foam over a 5lb density memory foam layer. You can also add a 5lb density gel-infused layer in place of the standard support layer if you’d like, which offers slightly cooler sleep with a better level of support [see gel foam’s within themattressunderground].

This is our most popular bed and has the lowest return rate. But if you don’t like it, simply box it up and we’ll come pick it up at our expense. I’ll be honest, I have not seen all of the competitor’s Rhapsody-like mattresses in person, so I hesitate in making an unequivocal statement that ours is the best, but I will mention that we have this bed sitting right next to the Tempurpedic Rhapsody luxe in our store, and it outsells it 5-1, based primarily off of the discounted price ($1599 in queen, vs approximately $3000 for the Tempur).

Whether or not you purchase from us, I will say this:
Its very easy to just compare a bed to another, but the real issue comes down to A. the amount of memory foam that is used, the densities of that memory foam, and whether the cover is going to allow for similar performance or not. So you’re doing the right thing by airing this question out on the forum, and looking for specific comparables.
With this particular mattress, however, you want to make sure that anyone comparing to the Rhapsody Luxe is actually using an HD memory foam (which i define as 6 to 8lb density). Tempur uses a 7.2lb density in their Rhapsody.

Hope this helps.