Recommendation for young child

After heading Phoenix’s advice about memory foam mattresses for children, I need some recommendations for a mattress for my 7 year old. Mattress will be going in a bunk bed and cannot exceed 9.5" in thickness. I’m located in the Los Angeles area.

Some on the more ecological side with minimal toxins would be preferred.

Hi Malibujason,

Generally children do best on a mattress that supports them well (because of their growing and more flexible bones) and has less cushioning than an adult would normally require (because of their less curvy profile).

Good options include an innerspring with cotton or wool padding or a single 6" layer of latex. These are the most natural, healthy, and breathable materials.

Some examples of the general types of mattresses I would be looking at include …

I would look first for equivalent mattresses at local factory direct manufacturers in the LA area.


FYI, Ikea has an 8" natural latex (with cotton and wool covering) mattress for only $650. As far as I know, there is nowhere else close in terms of price for all latex. I got these for my boys’ bunk beds before I even knew about all of the other benefits of latex because I was concerned about off-gassing from synthetic foams and especially fire retardants. While those mattresses are VERY firm, they are great for the kiddos and will probably last a while. I can speak that they have made it through several bed-jumping sessions quite nicely (although the bed itself has not fared quite as well)

Hi Craezie,

The particular mattress you are likely talking about (the Sultan Edsele) is one of the better values from Ikea and I appreciate you mentioning it here. While it is not the best quality dunlop latex and it is also not the lowest price (many local factory direct manufacturers use higher quality latex at lower prices), it is certainly a better choice than many other options. A couple of “reference points” to give examples of the higher quality and value available from many independent manufacturers all around the country are here …

As you also mention they do use natural fibers in their better latex mattresses (like the sultan edsele) as well so overall this can be a good choice for children or for people who like firm mattresses with little softness in the comfort layers. The Sultan Engenes which is also latex is not nearly as good a choice IMO because of the synthetic Dunlop latex used in the mattress and because the quilting/ticking uses synthetic materials.

I also appreciate your feedback on how well it has worked in the more challenging environment of “bed jumping” children :slight_smile: