I am new to the forum, I have been trying to scour the web to try and find recommendations for a new mattress but I have gotten more confused than when I started. My wife and I visited the Wynn Hotel and fell in love with their mattress. Since then we realized how bad our 8 year old mattress is. I am a big and heavy guy (6’2" 280) and my wife is 5’5" 150, I am a side sleeper and my wife is a stomach/side sleeper. So I did read about type of foam and to get a denser foam so it will last longer. I live in the Western Chicago Suburbs and I found (on this form) and they have a store close by. I also read about Dreamfoam and Rocky Mountain. I am totally confused so can someone make this easy and what is the most highly recommended and well reviewed mattress. I know this question gets asked maybe 5 times a day on this forum so sorry for the added redundancy. Should I just go to Verlo and talk to the people there or call RMM or Dreamfoam?

Thanks everyone.


Hi MattJordan,

The most effective way to find a new mattress that has the best odds of meeting all your needs and preferences is to follow the steps listed in post #10 here.

You were already headed in the right direction in looking for better retailers and manufacturers before deciding on a mattress.

The Chicago list is in posts #2 and 4 here including one of the recommended manufacturers of this site. A forum search on MyGreenMattress or Qualitysleep (you can just click these) will bring up many comments and feedback about them.

In most areas of the country … Verlo represents some of the better quality and value available but in Chicago they are not in the same value range as Quality sleep/My Green Mattress and Tim and his staff are very good at both educating and helping their customers make the best possible choices no matter what their circumstances. Quite frankly, If I was in Chicago I doubt I would even visit anywhere else although it may still be worth testing some mattresses elsewhere just out of curiosity or as a reference point.

An online purchase is a little riskier because you don’t have the chance to test the mattress first but the two you mentioned are also members of the site (the list of the members here who specialize in online or “on the phone” sales is in post #21 here) and also are in the “best in the country” value range but I personally would tend to lean towards a local purchase because it is less risky, especially when your needs may be a little more complex (because of your weight differential) and when the quality/value available to you locally is as good as it is. They also make a full range of mattresses from latex (double sided) to innersprings to gel memory foam which can give you a very good sense of the different types of materials available and how they perform and feel for you.

Hope this helps


PS: You’re wise to avoid any of the hotel mattresses which are basically a good innerspring with lots of low cost polyfoam over them at an inflated price. In the case of the Wynn … you can see here that it has about 7" of polyfoam over the innerspring. While even lower quality materials can feel great for a while … especially when they are new or have a topper or bedding package over them like is used in most hotels … they don’t keep their feel for nearly as long as better quality materials and they certainly aren’t worth the inflated price. These are a recipe for early foam softening and breakdown.

You should search online for “discount mattress stores” in your area. There are over 300 mattress manufacturers and most of them make a great product. Try to avoid the 5 or 6 that you can name. Also avoidk the large national stores because they are priced higher than the independents. You will pay more but not get a better mattress. Look for a dunlap latex mattress. Latex will offer you a longer life and more support than any other. Make sure you shop around before you buy.