Recommendations/Advice Wanted: Looking for Latex Topper

I have a standard mattress and a memory foam topper. I can’t make the investment in a new mattress yet, but I want to make the switch to a Latex Mattress topper.

I like a soft, plush feeling. I’ve tried my friend’s Pure Latex Bliss 3’’ topper which has a 14 ILD.

What are some good companies/websites for a 2-3" latex topper? I am in San Francisco.

Hi pamela,

Post #2 here and the posts it links to has some topper guidelines that may be useful and also has a link to a post that includes some of the better online topper sources I’m aware of.

Post #2 here has a list of some of the better retailers and manufacturers in the San Francisco area including some that sell latex mattresses and/or latex toppers.