Recommendations for a back sleeper / firm mattress preferred

Current Bed: Brooklyn Bedding King Firm (2" talalay + 2" dunlop + 6" foam). My partner considered it a little firm initially so we settled on adding 1" soft SleepOnLatex topper). Well over the years I feel the top mattress is getting soft/saggy. My waist is sinking in more and pressing around the bed I do feel where my waist/butt rests it may be less firm. I’m waking up with back pain now. What really convinced me this was it was a 3 week business trip I took. There was a lot of switching hotels and even then I never had back pain. Then I flew back home and within a week I started having back pain again. If I could handle Courtyards all the way through Ritz Carltons with no pain, something about my current mattress has to be changed. The mattress is about 7.5 years old.

Guest Bed: Helix Twilight Luxe. Moderately firm. I bought this when we first moved into our current home. I slept on it for the first month while we were finishing some touch-ups before moving in. I remember loving it. I used it for a week or two during COVID when I had to quarantine as well and I loved it too and remember telling my partner we should just switch to this smaller queen bed. I more recently have switched back to it after complaining about back pain. Since switching 3 days ago, I have no more back pain. It was an amazing change.

Now I’m looking to replace the bed in our primary room.

I’m 180 lbs, 5’9" and my partner is 160 5’1". I most definitely prefer firm, but she prefers more medium/firm but has been fine with the Helix Dusk Luxe. She’s generally also fine with most beds so she told me to optimize for me–worst case she can always add a topper on her side–and that’s why SleepEZ is attractive to us seeing we can customize like crazy with a split king. I do think I prefer latex/innerspring beds and not so much the sinking in feeling, so this is why I’m thinking of going full latex. Here are a few things I’m considering from SleepEZ:

  • 9" or 10"? Leaning 9" because it says the whole experience may be firmer. 10" sounds nice and luxurious but I am worried about too much sinking.

  • Firmness I plan to go with firm (X-Firm, Firm, Medium 2" Talalay). I want to say that should be fine but at the same time I’m also worried it won’t be firm enough. I have read some online testimonials of some people recommending x-firm/x-firm/firm (which probably sounds crazy).

  • The unfortunate part is it’s not easy to try all these online mattress companies in person. I tried one recently where I actually liked their 2" firm on top of 6" extra firm. Long term it’s probably a touch too firm but I liked it when I lay down on it for 15 minutes. Even my partner said “this isn’t actually bad at all!” We tried the version with a 2" topper on it and both of us felt without topper was actually better. So this is why I think I may be on the firm+ side, but at the same time I have no issues with my Helix mattress above and I see most review sites putting it around a 7-7.5

  • I have super commitmentphobia about getting my hardness wrong with the less favorable return policy, and almost even considering getting on a plane just to try before I buy lol.

Anyway, with my biggest fear being getting the firmness wrong, I just want to make sure I get this one right.

Hi sleep4lyfe and thanks for the inquiry! Based on the information you’ve provided, I think the 9" organic latex mattress is probably a good choice. I would normally recommend medium Talalay over medium Dunlop over firm Dunlop for your side and soft Talalay over medium Dunlop over firm Dunlop for your partner’s side. So anything softer or firmer than that is just going to be a matter of your specific needs and preferences, and I can’t say in advance what setup will match your specific needs and preferences best. There’s no reason to think medium/firm/extra firm would be a bad idea, but I just can’t say in advance what setup is going to work best for you. In fact, no one can. Please keep in mind that even if you lay on a mattress for hours in a showroom, you still won’t know if it’s right for you until you actually sleep on it and allow your body time to adjust. As such, the best thing you can do is pick the setup that has the best chance to be successful for you and adjust from there (if needed).

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Got it. I think I will start with the firm option (medium/firm/x-firm) and we can go from there.