Recommendations for Retailer in North Florida/Tallahassee?

Went through the tutorial and am looking for a retailer to use the steps and find my new mattress. Unfortunately I’ve only seen chain stores in Tallahassee and the two I called were unable to provide construction specifics.

Any recommendations in the area?

Hi Chillbilly, and welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you are finding useful information on the site! Unfortunately, with all the upheaval in business over the last several years, we are no longer able to provide regional listings of mattress retailers and manufacturers. There are a few places in the Talahassee are in This Search (albeit, they are a few years old). Other than that, I would read the Mattress Shopping Tutorial to see how to determine whether any of your local retailers/manufacturers are worthwhile. Hopefully some of our members in that area can chime in with their own local recommendations!

~ Basilio

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It’s a bummer, but after checking, it seems there aren’t any factory direct or quality retailers in the Tallahassee area. The closest option might be Fox Mattress in Holly Hill, but it’s almost a four-hour drive away. If you’re open to online options, consider trying out a few mattresses at big box retailers in town, then finding an online retailer who discloses their specs. You can ask if the online mattress option is similar to what you liked in-store. When buying online, choose a trusted source and make sure to talk to a mattress expert, not just a call center. Normally, I’d say shop local, but in this case, online might be your best bet.