Recommendations near Providence, RI?

Thanks, all, for the great information. In the market, and looking for a reputable place to purchase a mattress near Providence, RI. Thanks!



The Boston list in post #2 here includes the factory direct manufacturers that are closest to Providence, RI. I’ve talked with one of the closest to you, Worleys in New Bedford, and I would certainly include them in your research as they have some good quality and value mattresses. Post #4 here also has a list of the retailers in and around Providence that may also be worth considering. is an upholstery shop in Cumberland, RI that carries some traditional two sided innerspring mattresses on her floor that are better quality/value. They can also make custom sizes for RV’s, boats, and trailers. Their mattresses are manufactured by Ecin Industries in Fall River so they can also order any of their other mattresses as well. they are upholsterers so they are familiar with and knowledgeable about foam quality and mattress materials.