Recommended Gel Mattress Toppers

I’ve done a moderate amount of reading and searching on the site, but I haven’t really seen a good listing of gel mattress toppers that can be had online, or if such an animal exists. I also haven’t seen a ton of info on some of the newer gel combos.

Specifically, the gel combos I am talking about are:

These appear to be ‘standard’ or gel memory foam topper bases, with reverse-hexagons cut into them (leaving a field of haxagons), with gel then poured into the removed material. Wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these, or similar, products, or if separation between the gel and the foam might be an issue.

I also haven’t seen much in the way of solid information on the Intelli-gel toppers.

Beyond that, what are some quality gel memory/poly foam toppers that can be had online?
Or are there some quality factory direct options in the Nashville TN area?

Thanks for any info ya’ll can provide!

Hi slain,

There is more information in post #2 here about various different types and combinations of gel materials. both of these are in category #5 which is a layer of solid gel used over either polyfoam (such as in the gold) or over memory foam (such as in the platinum). These would both be good choices although they are both a more costly topper as well.

Intelligel is also a gel material but it is what is called 'buckling column gel" which uses a different principle where the colums “buckle” under weight. There is more about these here (orthogel is also a similar buckling columm gel). Post #1 here also has more about the intellibed (a critique on their video) and a search on “edizone” (you can just click this) will bring up more information on the intelligel as well.

The Activus polyfoam and Aerus memory foam (both made by Foamex/FXI) that is used under the gel are both good quality materials although I would want to know the density of each.

Post #4 here has some sources for memory foam toppers.

The better options or possibilities in the Nashville area I’m aware of are in post #7 here.

Hope this helps. Thanks too for the links. I hadn’t seen them :slight_smile:


Hi slain,

I came across this tonight as well so it appears that they are also available with a latex base.


Awesome, thanks. I had read some of the Post #this and Post#that, but hadn’t made the connection on the #5 type of topper/gel.

Hi slain,

I added a gel section to the topper information in post #4 here which includes several of the different types of gel materials.