Regarding adjustable/component latex beds

The adjustable/component latex mattresses which are sold online sell a 6 inch support core and then a 2 inch topper comfort layer on top and you put them together and zip it up in a mattress cover they provide. My question is if they split the 6 inch support core in half and you put the topper which is one piece on top…and if i sleep on a full size bed and in the middle of the mattress, will I have problems because the support core is split in half? Will it provide enough support if it the core is split in half or should I order one solid piece for the support core although it costs more to ship that way? I weigh 125 lbs. and i’m thinking of getting a 22 ILD topper/ support core 32ILD mattress.

Any suggestions? I’m talking about the mattress from APMC…anyone have one?

Hi kdreams,

Latex is “sticky” and the two split cores are held together with the cover so this in combination with the single topper means that it’s very unlikely that you would feel the split. Of course if you chose a different firmness level on each side then you would feel the transition from one side to another (which is the idea of a side to side split) but not the actual split itself.

It won’t affect the support no. In addition to this … a split core allows the mattress to be shipped through UPS (each half can be shipped separately) and allows you to make core exchanges for a different firmness level if you need to make an adjustment to the support of your mattress. I’m not even sure that they ship single cores because of the difficulties involved in shipping them out of state.

It’s always best to talk with the manufacturer themselves about which of their options would be most suitable for your needs and preferences. They will always know more about their own design, how all their layers and components interact together with different people, and which of the options they have available may be most suitable for each person than anyone else. Working directly with a manufacturer will have the best odds of “matching” your needs and preferences either based on your own personal testing on other latex mattresses (where you have tested similar layering) or using their customer database as a reference point to fit you into what others of your body type and sleeping position would need and prefer “on average”.

A forum search on will bring up many references to them including post #1 here.

Of course it would be great if anyone that owns one of their latex mattresses and sees this could share their experience as well.

They are certainly among the best quality/value in the country and as you probably know I think highly of Ken and the mattresses he makes.