regarding split layers, and co-sleeping

Thanks to everyone for all of the helpful information. Sorry if this question has already been answered elsewhere; I didn’t see it when I did a few searches. My husband and I are looking into a king sized latex bed, potentially from SleepEZ. Since he prefers a firmer feel throughout (including the comfort layer), we would like to have split layers. We have a nearly 2 year-old child; while he starts the night out in his crib, he inevitably ends up in the center of our bed for at least part of the night. My question is this: if we purchase a split layer latex bed (potentially the 10" mattress from SleepEz with the 1" quilted wool cover) with top comfort layers of different densities, and either myself or my husband is laying close to the seam, would a discernible ‘crack’ be felt through the mattress cover where the layers butt up against each other? Basically, if you are laying close to the edge of your split layer, does it ‘pull in’ toward you in a way that would be notable through the cover, or is the cover generally tight enough to prevent this? I realize that the different densities of comfort layer would be felt no matter what; I’m just wondering if this could also be accompanied by the feel of a gap of sorts if one of us is close to the seam (since our son is usually close to the center). Thanks in advance for any comments/experience.

Hi ceilisokolov,

This is a fairly common question on the forum and it is answered in post #2 here but the short version is that with a suitable quilted cover (which is used in the SleepEZ mattress) you won’t feel a crack or gap or the split itself although you may feel the transition in firmness from side to side (which is of course the reason for split layers in the first place).