Regular Back Pain with my mattress

After months of waiting, My girlfriend & I decided to move into our new apartment in Mississauga. After a couple of weeks after the move in, I started to have regular lower and middle backache, when I am in bed. It immediately gets resolve when I get up and start moving. So I weigh around 120lbs and my partner weights around 180lbs. I don’t know for sure it could be weight differential we both having. I have read it before regarding weight difference of your partner and mattress problem regarding it. So after a couple of suggestion and research, I get to know about pocket coil mattress which does give you individiual support, greater comfort for you and your partner. Do you people have any experience using it? It does have a heavy price tag, Is it worth for paying that much money? I just need to get rid of my back pain.

Hello, James.

Pocketed coil spring systems do provide better support for each individual as well as limits the transfer of motion through out the bed. Compared to more traditional spring systems that act as one big unit, you should see that a mattress feels less bouncy and provides the support and comfort that each partner on either side of the mattress require. You also shouldn’t see as much of the “roll off” feeling that you can get with more traditional spring units, where a larger partner on one side will overcompress the springs and cause a lighter partner on the other side to feel like they are sloping towards the middle of the mattress.

Pocketed coil mattresses do not have to carry a heavy price tag. Our all natural mattresses are both based on pocketed coil spring systems, with queen sizes starting at $949. We also sell more economical mattresses made from more conventional materials in our Illinois shop, that contain low-VOC CertiPUR foams and pocketed coils that start closer to $629 for a queen. If you’d like to discuss further, please respond here or you can call us at our local shop at 877-737-8237 to discuss your options!

Thank you @My Green Mattress for your time looking in to my query. I will be giving you a call soon. Thank you for your expert opinion for my situation.

Thank you for considering us!

My partner and I bought a Sleep on Latex mattress over a month ago. Prior to that, we had an old spring mattress that hurt both of our backs. Unfortunately, my back has continued to hurt with the Sleep on Latex mattress. I have scoliosis, so lower back pain is no stranger to me, but I was hoping to find a mattress to prevent this. I am a side sleeper and while I think the firmness should be good at supporting my back, my shoulders hurt from sleeping on my side as well. After I am awake for a few hours my back pain fades, so I know it’s from the mattress.

I am 120 pounds and my partner is 175 pounds. He mostly sleeps on his back or side. Should we buy a new mattress? I am unsure what type of mattress/firmness can help get rid of my back pain.

Hello, astro_bball. Given your history with lower back pain and the fact that you’re a side sleeper, we’d actually recommend our Natural Escape hybrid of pocketed coils and organic Dunlop latex above the coils. The lumbar support coils in our spring system provide optimal back and spine support while the organic latex contours to your hips and shoulders. Lower back pain can also be exacerbated when a side sleeper is sleeping on a mattress that is too firm, starting as dull aches and stiffness in the hips that can radiate into the lower back region.

We do offer an all-latex option, the Hope mattress, that is different than Sleep on Latex in that it’s a 3-layer system, with a transitional medium-firm latex middle layer that helps combat over-compression.

I also have lower back pain problems with our current mattress. We have been shopping this week and I am overwhelmed with what I have read here. I lean towards the hybrid but I am concerned with buying a plush top (although it feels most comfortable) because I may not get the right support? Any advice? I plan on visiting one of your recommended retailers tomorrow.

Hello, Jodimet.

We’d recommend finding a mattress that has a supportive innerspring with lumbar support to promote proper back health. A plush top can help to provide comfort without jeopardizing support, as long as it is atop a supportive spring system. If you have back issues with inflammation, sleeping on a mattress that is too firm with too much push back can actually cause additional pain and inflammation. You may want to find something that contours, with or without plushness. We find that our Natural Escape mattress, with a supportive innerspring and 3" of contouring organic Dunlop latex, is a great choice for back pain sufferers.