Repackaging foam mattress

Hi all,

Has anyone ever repackaged their foam mattresses multiple times (i.e. put into a bag and suction) ? Logic would dictate that the quality of the mattress would degrade over time, especially if this is done multiple times but I’m curious as to how much.

I’m considering buying a quality foam mattress once and moving it around with me without having to pay exorbitant fees for shipping an uncompressed mattress. Obviously, I wouldn’t be doing this extremely frequently, perhaps maximum of once per 2-3 years.

Hi chunkyboy068,

I have compressed the same foam layers (including latex) perhaps half a dozen times without noticing any obvious deterioration in the foam.


Hi Phoenix,
How do you do that?


Hi ddcfri,

We have a number of toppers or foam layers that we use for “camping out” on the floor when our kids and their friends come to visit. We space savers like this but there are also some suggestions here that you can use to compress individual layers. If you are compressing a whole mattress it would be much more difficult and I may not be possible.