Replace Box Spring (foundation)?

We’re doing research for a new mattress. Our current mattress is 8 years old and my wife and I both feel it’s just too warn and sagging. It was a decent quality pillow or plush top from a big box Mattress company - Mattress Firm I believe. All in all not too bad when new. They sold it to us by calling it the “Weston Bed” and we knew we liked that bed from staying at various Weston Hotels. But that could have all been hype. We don’t know.

It’s a King size and we have a King foundation set - the split kind.

I searched here and can’t find much info on Foundations - when we replace the mattress should we also replace the foundation?

Thanks for the help.

Hi creativepart,

This foundation post here (and the two other posts it links to in the second paragraph) has much more information about box springs and foundations and which ones would generally be suitable for different types of mattresses.

Whether or not you could keep your current foundation/box spring would depend on what type it was and whether it was suitable for the type of mattress that you purchase and on its condition (no sagging or soft spots and still in new condition) but if it’s 8 years old I would tend to replace it.