Replacing top layer of old mattress

Hi there,

My current mattress is almost 10 years old at this point and causing me significant lower/mid back pain. Thanks to this site, I recently realized that my hips were sinking too far into the mattress and pulling my spine out of alignment. When I sleep with a pillow under my hips (side sleeper) the pain is gone.

I’m curious if there’s any point in trying to replace the top layer of my current mattress with something newer/firmer rather than buying a brand-new mattress. The two layers are held together by something (adhesive?) but it looks like they could be separated with some effort. It may be a bad idea, but I’m curious if there’s any merit to it.

Thanks in advance!

All foams gradually soften and lose their resilience with use over time, and it’s difficult to know whether it’s only your comfort layer or the base support layer as well that is the cause of your problem. Since your mattress is 10 years old I’d say that you’ve gotten good durability from it and that’s a reasonable lifespan for an all foam mattress of that build. What you’re considering with replacing the comfort layer of the mattress is more commonly done with hybrid spring designs since the springs are more durable and less frequently the point of failure. In your case I think you’d be well advised trying to find a new mattress which meets your needs. If you need help during your selection process there is good support available here (no pun intended.)

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  • Bill

Thanks Bill! I appreciate the input. It sounds like it’s time to start trying out some new mattresses :slight_smile: