Reputable mattress dealers in Grand Rapids, MI?

I saw some previous posts from about 10 years ago but wasn’t able to access the links provided.

Essentially, moving from a queen to a king. I have scoliosis (both thoracic and lumbar) and I’m looking to speak to a dealer that could help me find a mattress that reduces my overall back pain (typically lower back pain, I also find myself rolling around a lot on my current mattress as I try to get comfortable).

My partner and I both prefer firm mattresses. I had an amazing week of sleep staying at am Airbnb in Japan on a really firm mattress and realized the one I had back home sucked (sleeping on my partners spring mattress).

Will be happy to provide any additional information if somebody here would be able to help me out ! Thanks in advance :pray:

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Hi Catswell,

Welcome to TMU. A relative who used to live in GR said to check these folks out. I personally dont know much about them but it could be a starting point.

Really appreciate the feedback ! I’ll check out both places tomorrow and see what I can learn from them.

Spending the next week trying to narrow down my decision with the goal of committing to something within the next week.

I will share updates about what I learn from my visits

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