Reputable stores in the Los angeles area

Can you pls list the stores you have vetted in the Los Angeles area.
Thank you!

Hi joybird.

The site members you may wish to consider who offer good quality/value options that have showrooms in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas in CA are listed below (from closest to the furthest to your location) Covina. Local factory direct manufacturer who makes a range of high quality mattresses, including latex component mattresses and latex/pocket coil hybrids that have great value. They are very knowledgeable and service oriented and are what I call “mattress people”. I am happy to have them as a member of this site and highly recommend them. Studio City, Santa Monica CA (and others outside the area). They are a member of this site and are knowledgeable, experienced, and transparent and carry a range of mattresses including latex, memory foam, and latex and memory foam/pocket coil hybrids. They have also put a great deal of time and effort into carrying mattresses that are good quality and value. I have also talked with Joe the owner on many occasions and he is passionate about what he is doing and left a larger manufacturer that had a somewhat exaggerated focus on “green” mattresses to form his own company because he wanted to “do it right”. Foam Sweet Foam. Fullerton, CA, about 1 hour south of LA, their website is extremely informative and up-front about each of their components and a very good return policy. Scott and Heidi have an excellent reputation in customer support and quality/value mattress choices. They are extremely knowledgeable about latex and different configurations, and I would not hesitate to recommend them for your consideration.

Here are a few options if you wish to drive a little further, Bay Bed Masters, Escondido Mattress, and Mattress Makers are all within about a three-hour radius from Los Angeles.

[url=][/url] Santa Cruz, CA which is about 2 hours north of LA. Specializes in a rather unique customized component mattress with latex layers of your choice over a high quality pocket coil design for those who prefer a latex/innerspring hybrid. Has a zip cover so that layers and components can be exchanged after purchase.

escondidomattress Escondido, CA about 2.5 hours south of LA Escondido Mattress uses 100% Natural Talalay latex in the mattress and a traditional mattress construction using a coil box spring unit. Daniel is part of a long line of mattress makers with much knowledge and experience in finding the perfect match for their customers. A couple of months ago they opened the doors to their new and more modern facility. with 2 showrooms; La Mesa, CA and San Diego, CA close to 4 hour driving distance from LA. Family owned for 3 generation of mattress makers. Pablo, Sam, and Gabriel are very knowledgeable and have many years of experience in the mattresses they construct. They are using good quality materials and componentry and work to customize the order to meet the needs and preferences of each of their customers.

Some other or members in CA are:
[url=][/url] FloBeds Fort Bragg, which is about 9 hours North of LA. I am throwing this in just in case theare are other members who stumble upon this thread and are closer. They are original pioneer manufacturers of component latex mattresses where you can choose your own layers and have some unique designs. They use a 2" convoluted top layer in all of their latex mattresses and also offer a custom zoned vZone mattress where you can choose your own zones to customize support/alignment which is unique. They are very knowledgeable and take great care with their customers with their attention to detail and their customer service. They also make a line of latex/memory foam mattresses and some more premium mattresses that include some less commonly seen materials including coir and horsehair.

Aside from these businesses, if you wish to visit other retail mattress stores or manufacturers (and there are many in your area), I would always confirm that any retailer or manufacturer that you wish to visit is completely transparent (see this article ) and also make sure that any mattress that you are considering meets the quality/value guidelines here . If you have any questions about specifications or certain products, feel free to post back on the forum and I’ll do my best to provide answers.

In the past, I put together lists of potential stores for people to visit in geographic regions, but I have decided to discontinue the provision of these listings (unless they are already approved site members), because of the difficulty in maintaining such lists in a retail landscape that is constantly changing, and most importantly the confusion it was creating with the consumer members who incorrectly assumed that these businesses had indeed gone through the strict vetting and qualification process to become approved as members of The Mattress Underground. Such an assumption was unfair to both the consumers seeking assistance, as well as the very businesses and manufacturers who have indeed qualified to be members here of The Mattress Underground.

If you visit any particular store or have more detailed questions on specific mattress specifications of products that you have tested, please feel free to post back here and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.