Requesting mattress help in south florida

Hi beth819,

I think that your current circumstances highlight even more the value of a more “modular” sleeping system.

In most cases when there are pre-existing sleeping conditions … the symptoms will go in cycles and change from time to time for reasons that have nothing to do with your mattress. In these cases … having options about a topper (or even toppers if necessary) can give you options that can help you with the different times that may have different symptoms.

It seems to me that your base mattress is providing good alignment and if anything only needs more “comfort” and pressure relief. this is a much better situation to be in than if your base mattress is too soft in the support layers or too thick and soft in the comfort layers. In this case you would be forced to get a new mattress which still wouldn’t be “modular” and may only be suitable some of the time and not others.

So I would still consider the same options unless there is clear evidence that there is some flaw in the basic assumption (that your mattress isn’t providing you with good support and alignment).

Your comments that it appears to feel too firm (and you want more of a sinking in feeling like when you are sitting on the mattress) seems to point in that direction as well.

While only you can decide whether to test the Nutrition or the Beautiful … I doubt that they would be available at the same value (and I could be wrong here) and I also think that a firmer “base” with a topper (or even several down the road as your circumstances change from time to time) would provide a more flexible and suitable set of options.

There are people who even pay “extra” for this type of flexibility and it is a much more effective solution IMO to changing needs and circumstances than any single mattress that can’t be adjusted when necessary.

While your experience may be different … it certainly doesn’t feel “lumpy” or uncomfortable … at least in my perception (and I think in Coventry’s perception who also has several and likes them as much as I do). You can see more information and her great review (along with some of my comments as well) about it in this thread.

Failing that … another inch or two of softer latex (19 ild or so and perhaps even less) would be another option. 1" would be “safer” but it may not be quite enough (depending on your best estimate of how far away from your ideal you think you are).

If you need just a little more softness … then an inch may be fine. If you need a fair bit more softness … then 2" may be the way to go.

There may even be an argument for 14 ILD which is the softest latex available. Pure latex bliss has toppers that are 14 - 15 ILD (in 2" and 3" thicknesses) so you could test this in the store on top of the mattress you have to see how you do with it. Even though latex at this softness level wouldn’t be as durable as firmer versions … it would be well worth the lower durability in exchange for years of better sleep if it suited you better. I’m not suggesting this specific topper (there are better sources with better value unless their prices are unusually low) … but only suggesting that you test it to get a sense of how it feels.

Again … I would always choose a more “modular” system when possible over a mattress where you have no ability to adjust or adapt it with the changing needs of more difficult circumstances or conditions. There is little that a “complete” mattress can do that a more modular mattress/topper system can’t do better.

One other option you have is to purchase various “cheaper” toppers from the big box stores as an experiment. This can give you the ability to return them if they don’t work out with no risk and once you have found the one that seems to work the best … then you can use it as a guideline for a more permanent or higher quality replacement