Rest and Renew mattresses - are they any good?

Has anyone slept on or know anything about Rest and Renew mattresses at City Furniture?


I did a little research and couldn’t find any IFD regarding their memory foam. Unfortunately, they also haven’t been discussed in our forum. I even went into Reddit looking for relevant conversations but yielded nothing.

Hopefully by commenting here it will boost your post and someone who has experience with this mattress will see it and comment!


Bought 4 mattresses for new home in FL started intermittently using in July. Most comfortable mattresses. Looking to purchase for WI home. 3 Kings, 2-8", 1-10" and Queen 12". All on sale when purchased from City Furniture.

Thanks for sharing, FloridaFun. Are all the models the same? Did you buy 4 different models to ultimately test and choose the best for yourself?

I’d love to know more about the specs of each bed!