Restava Regina Gel

Does anyone own one of these? Looks like a good value but lacking any reviews. Has 2 inches of 5.3 memory foam with a 2.5 density base. I spoke to a sales rep today and he told me the very top layer has 2 inches of cool comfort gel (not memory foam) in the cover , not sure what part this would play and have not seen it in any of the mattresses I have researched. Can any one chime in on the value proposition of this mattress? It is suppose to be comparable to the Temp contour signature but I am concerned it may be firmer with only 2 inches of memory foam. Any feedback would be helpful

Hi Tennisman,

IMO … Restava is among the better online memory foam options (listed in post #12 here) and meets the guidelines I use for memory foam mattresses which are listed in post #10 here.

The salesperson only gave you “partly accurate” information though. The top layer of the Regina is a type of memory foam that has a gel material added into the memory foam so it’s actually “gel memory foam” but it’s still in the memory foam category. You can see more information about the different types of gel memory foam in post #2 here.

Quilting a foam in a cover pre-compresses the foam and will make it firmer than it would be if it was a loose layer. This is a fairly common construction (covers that are quilted with a foam or fiber material). The quilting is just another layer of the mattress and would be part of the feel and performance of the mattress. Their gel memory foam has a density of is 4.2 lbs which is a medium density so it has 2" of gel memory foam and 2" of “regular” memory foam underneath it for a total of 4" of memory foam over the base polyfoam layer.

When you are buying a mattress online it can certainly help to have some way of knowing how the mattress compares to a mattress you have tested and the basis for their comparisons. The Regina is not directly comparable to the Contour signature in terms of the memory foam layers (the Tempur Contour has two layers totalling 4" of 5.3 lb memory foam) but they may be comparing it in terms of its “feel” which may be comparable. The accuracy of 'feel" comparisons may depend on the type of testing they did and who the testers were that compared it to the Tempurpedic. I would certainly test the Contour Signature though to see how if feels and performs for you and how suitable it may be for your needs and preferences.

They do have a return policy which pays for shipping both ways and offers a full refund if you decide to return it so there would be less risk involved if you did decide to return it although of course the goal is to make a choice that you would want to keep instead of having to start all over again with a return.

There may also be some good local options available to you where you can actually purchase a mattress you have tested which of course is the least risky type of purchase. If you let me know the city or zip where you live I’d be happy to let you know of any I’m aware of.


Hey Phoenix.

I appreciate you in depth feedback on this mattress. Now that I know the top layer is gel memory foam I am also interested in their base model (Monoco) it has 2 in of 4.2 gel foam and 1 inch of 5.3 memory foam . I have no idea why this mattress is so much less than the other two in this line that are only separated by 50 dollars for what amounts to an extra inch of memory foam where as this one is over 300 less. Seems to be the best value for this kind of quality I have seen so far if you like a firm mattress.

I also like the specs of this mattress , the select foam conform 12
I appreciate the wealth of knowledge you share with other on this site. By the way I live in upstate, SC so any local mfg would be great. Thanks

Hi Tennisman,

As you mention this would be quite firm but another part of the reason may be that there are no returns on their lowest models so the cost of returns for comfort choices that don’t work out doesn’t have to be built in.

I think post #2 here should help.



Does select foam make their own memory foam? Can you comment on the quality of their foam? I like the mattress I mentioned above as well as the Regalis hd 12 . Does soy foam have any other benefit besides being more of a green product?

Hi Tennisman,

Select Foam doesn’t make their own memory foam (and neither do the vast majority of mattress manufacturers including most of the major manufacturers with only a very few exceptions). They do however use a foam supplier that makes some very high quality and high performance foam and has some of the best “foamers” and chemists in the industry IMO.

It’s questionable whether soy foam is a “greener” product than foam that uses petrochemicals as the main feedstock although as with all things connected with mattresses … marketing information tends to rule the day.

It’s true that soy is a more renewable feedstock source than petroleum but the foams that use it only replace a small part of one of the chemicals used to make foam (the polyols) with a chemical that is synthesized from soy oil and whether it is any greener depends entirely on how you define green. At best it’s probably a small step in a good direction even though GMO soy production has many “green” issues connected with it’s production as well including it’s direct or indirect effect on the destruction of the Brazilian rainforest. You can read more about soy foam (and other plant oil based polyols) in post #2 here and there is a great deal more information (perhaps more than you want to know :)) in post #2 here and the links it contains about the controversy that is connected to “green, safe, natural, and organic” issues that are connected but very different from each other as well.

Hope this helps.