resteva monoco gel or Ultimate Dreams 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

i just wanted to see if anyone had any more information or opinons on these two mattresses. Also what lbs memory foam resteva uses. The queen is only 379.00 vs 508.96. Are they both certipur foam?

Hi Justin42284,

EDITED: Their memory foam and gel memory foam are both either 4.2 lbs or 5.3 lbs depending on the model. They are open about the density of their foams when you talk to them on the phone. They are also CertiPur certified*.

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In other words they are good quality materials but I would strongly suggest you talk to them about the feel and performance of the mattress to make sure it would be suitable for you because the Monaco and the Regina mattresses can’t be returned.


In case your still shopping, I found the best deals (and ended up buying from) James at Austin Mattress. Give him a call and ask for the “mattress man special”. He had way better options then either Restava or Christeli, probably about the same as what chuck can do for you. This is the way I’d go for a budget memory foam or latex.