Restless leg syndrome

Have you heard if Restless leg syndrome can be caused by a mattress?
with at least three memory foam mattresses, I have experienced that…
This is real to me since when sleeping on regular massage table (cannot sleep there all the time due to space restrictions), I don’t have this problem so I don’t understand what I should buy for my next purchase. Any suggestions?

Hi kassaml,

Sorry, I’ve never heard that a MF mattress can cause RLS. Most sources online actually say that getting a memory foam mattress usually helps with the symptoms. Have you tried sleeping on some other mattress in the house (other than memory foam) for while, and see if the symptoms disappear?


Yes tried sleeping on old cotton mattress that doesn’t cause RLS but these days you cannot find regular cotton/spring mattress unless you pay exorbitant prices…understand this is weird but it does happen to me with memory foam mattresses