Restonic Health Rest latex

Has anybody seen any actual facts as to what this mattress is really constructed of?

Hi TD-Max,

There are a wide range of different Health Rest models and the specs will vary somewhat depending on which licensee makes it but the materials they use include Talalay latex (latex/polyfoam hybrids as well as all latex), memory foam, and gel memory foam (which they call Tempa-Gel which is a good quality gel memory foam) as well as polyfoam. Some will use various layers of polyfoam in the quilting above the latex and some won’t.

The specific materials and layering and the density of any memory foam or polyfoam can vary with each model or licensee factory. They can be a good quality and value choice but of course this would depend on the specific model and the materials it had in it as well as the selling price of the retailer.

One of our members here also deals directly with one of the Restonic licensees.

You can see some examples of the layering of one of the licensee factories called Clare Bedding here.