Restonic Interlude Plush


Thank you again for the incredible amount of information and knowledge you have personally shared and made it possible for others to contribute on this site. I am finally “turning the corner” on the mattress shopping process to where it’s no longer scary and is actually exciting because I know I stand a decent chance of finding a bed that will last more than a year.

At your previous recommendation, my wife and I went to a few mattress outlets, starting with Urban Mattress. We fell in love with the Prana Vinyasa Plush but upon further research realized that the price was outlandish and the quilting layer contained an excessive amount of marginal-quality polyfoam. Then we ended up at a locally-owned shop selling only Restonic and Tempurpedic. I instinctively shy away from memory foam because I sleep hot, but we did try numerous memory foam beds with various forms of gel and other temperature-control technologies.

Ultimately, we surprised ourselves (because we had previously disliked the feel of latex) by liking best a latex bed called the Restonic Interlude Plush. Like a good mattress shopper, I requested materials specs and the shop owner obliged by requesting them from the factory and e-mailing them to me today. The good news is that the list of materials matches the overall 14" height of the mattress. However, I am concerned about the low-density foam in the quilting layer. Here are the specs:

8" 34 ILD talalay latex core
2" 18 ILD talalay latex super soft topper
2" 1.8 lb HD Super Soft Foam
1" 1.0 lb Convoluted Foam
1" 1.2 lb SuperResponse Quilt Foam

The retail price of the mattress set in king is $2,299. What do you think of this? Am I correct that this is likely too much low-density foam that will quickly deteriorate and start causing problems with PPP?

Thank you for your insights!

Hi ok11,

First of all I have to congratulate you on doing some great research and probably saving yourself some buyers remorse much too quickly relative to the price.

Assuming that the layers are in the correct order (which they likely are) this mattress has a poor design IMO because you would have the expense of thicker layers of latex in the deeper layers but the lower durability of 4" of polyfoam in the upper layers which would be the weak link of the mattress. While the 1.8 lb polyfoam is a “relatively” good quality material (although certainly not as durable as latex) … with the additional 2" of very low quality polyfoam on top of it there is definitely a weak link in this mattress that could be subject to foam softening and breakdown relatively quickly.

It’s great to see you found out the full specs that added up to the height of the mattress because they are different from the specs mentioned in this post and also a little different from the specs mentioned here as well (although licensee brands such as Restonic often make their mattresses differently in different areas of the country).

Even worse would be if someone purchased this mattress based on the specs here (which are almost certainly wrong) and believed they were buying an “all latex” mattress and sleeping on latex and then when it developed issues would likely believe that it was the “latex” rather than the polyfoam that isn’t even mentioned in the description.

While I understand that the “bad news” can be disappointing … you are certainly doing the right thing and some disappointment now would be much less “costly” than the disappointment you would likely have much too quickly after you purchased it.

Way to go for “catching” the weak link :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix - you confirmed what I knew to be true and undoubtedly saved us some heartache (and backache!) a year from now. As a close runner up in feel, we liked another Restonic in the store (the Diamond hybrid) which was not a latex bed at all. Here are the specs on that one:

884 foam encased individually wrapped coils
1" 2lb HD foam
2" 4lb gel infused memory foam
1/2" HD 1.8 density poly
1/2" gel infused quilting foam
Outlast temperature controlling cover

This bed was quite a bit less expensive and we liked the feel nearly as well. My main hesitation is the memory foam, since I tend to sleep hot but perhaps it won’t be as much of an issue with the gel. Do you see anything in those specs that suggests a weak link in the design? The set price is $1,899.

Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board. We haven’t yet tried any pure latex bliss mattresses, so maybe that should be our next stop.

Thanks again!

Hi ok11,

No … the specs on this mattress are much better and there are no obvious weak links in the design.

There is more about gel memory foam in post #8 here but the fact that it’s 4 lbs (which is generally more breathable than higher density memory foam) and with the incremental improvement from the gel it would increase the chance that most people would be in an “acceptable” temperature range although some people may still sleep warm on any type of memory foam. Post #2 here also has more about the many other factors that can affect sleeping temperature (such as your mattress protector, sheets, and bedding) that can also make a difference.