Restonic Tempagel vs. Ultimate dreams 13" gel memory foam

My wife and I are trying desperately to decide between the Restonic HealthrestTempagel Plush memory foam or taking the online plunge and going with the Ultimate Dreams 13" gel memory foam. From what I can tell they are very similar in materials and layers. We have tried the Restonic at a Mattress Source here in St. Louis and liked it the most of anything we have tried, but the UD is $1000 less. I know the reviews are few and far between as these are newer but any help choosing between the two would really help.

This is my first post so if anyone needs more info to help us make a decision please let me know. Wife is 5’5 about 160 and I’m 5’10" and 190 lbs. Both of us mainly sleep on our sides or back.


Hi shood21,

I’m not sure which version of the Tempagel you tried but the gel foam used in the Tempagel is better quality IMO (see post #2 here about different types of gel memory foam and swirled vs particulate) than the gel used in the Ultimate Dreams but the lower layer of memory foam in the Tempagel is lower quality/density (4 lbs vs 5 lbs in the Ultimate Dreams) and the base polyfoam layer is also higher quality in the Ultimate Dreams. Because the upper layers are the most important in terms of durability and have a significant effect on how a mattress feels … this is not a direct comparison because the layering is somewhat different (depending also on which of the Tempagels you are comparing).

The Tempagel is better quality/value than many competing mattresses made by the mainstream brands IMO because of the quality of the gel memory foam they use … but for a $1000 difference it seems to me that based on materials “value” alone (not on which may work best for you or the “value” of a mattress that “fits” your needs and preferences) … the Ultimate Dreams would be better. Based on which would be most valuable to you (when you include how well it fit your needs and preferences) only you can answer whether the risk of a mattress that you haven’t tried is worth choosing over a mattress that you know would work well.

While they may also not have the same feel or performance because they use different materials and layering, if you want a sense of the “feel” of the Ultimate Dreams Gel to help you decide on how well it may fit your needsw and preferences … then they have told me that its similar to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe but just a little bit firmer. The review here seems to confirm that as well.


I wrote the review linked above. We’ve had the Ultimate Dreams mattress 2 weeks now. I am not happy with the mattress at all and trying to figure out what to do. The first week was extremely painful, shoulder and back pain for both myself and my wife. I put our old 3" fbm latex topper on and while that eliminated the pain it did not give the feel I was looking for (personally do not like the springy feeling of latex versus the sinking in the bed of memory foam). I took the latex off last night to see if it was just placebo or first week adjusting and it was a horrible nights sleep and frankly I am still sore all the way up my spine, neck, and shoulders. I woke up at 4:30am last night and could not go back to sleep because no matter what position I laid in I could feel the impingements, I almost made the wife get up to put the latex back on.

I came on this morning to figure out what to do. What I find really strange is the bed without a sheet on it does not seem bad at all, and we’ve changed sheets 3 times since getting the bed. Its almost as if the cover + sheet is too think to allow heat to penetrate to the foam and allow the proper moulding of the body. I came from a classic tempur and the differences are hard to explain, the first 2" are much softer, but it feels like brick underneath.

My issues aside, the bed seems to be very well built with a nice cover, and from the feedback here I would prefer too firm over too soft (which is the issue with most cheaper mf). I’m really hoping a cheap topper will help short term and the foam will break in over the next couple months.

Hi supermanx,

I originally replied here but I switched the reply to your other post here.


Thank both of you for the informative responses. The Restonic Tempagel we were looking at was the higher end one with the gel particles which is what I think you were talking about Phoenix.

Supermanx- I’m sorry to hear you’re having so many issues. I hope what Phoenix posted will help you get it sorted out and to a better night’s sleep.

We’ve decided to go back to the store this weekend but I think at this point the Restonic is a better match for us at this point being that we know for sure based on feel how much we like it. I’ll make sure to write up a review if whichever one we ultimately decide on.

Thanks again.

Hi shood21,

The Tempagel actually uses a type of gel that is mixed with the memory foam as a liquid polymer rather than a particulate (which I believe is a better application of gel). They use Gflex from Flexible Foam.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your decision and how you like it :slight_smile:


Hi Phoenix
A little clarification about the Cool Gel memory foam at Mattress Source. Mattress Source got in the gel infused memory foam game shortly after the Serta iComforts hit the market and before Restonic started marketing the TempaGel. We had the mattresses made for us and they differ slightly from the TempaGel. The plush that was being discussed actually has the beaded gel memory foam in the top layer (no intervening foam separating you from the gel foam), which I think is an important distinction from the TempaGel (and the iComfort). 2 3/4’ of beaded gel memory foam over 2" of 5 lb. conventional memory foam is what is in the plush version.


Thanks for the clarification.

This would mean that it was almost identical to the Ultimate Dreams 13" gel memory foam which the OP was originally comparing it to which also has 3" of 4 lb particulate gel memory foam over 2" of 5 lb memory foam over the polyfoam base layer.