Restonic VS A Spindle all Continuous pour latex

Hi Phoenix,

Thought I had some options, but coming to a stand still again.

Background: i’m 6 foot on the heavy side 240# side sleeper and flip flopping. wife 5’ 10" 180# side and stomach sleeper. on tempur pedic 6" classic had to 10+ years, believe we have started in the weakened foam , memory foam age and I do not sleep longer than 4 hrs at once.

Went to many local places to start my quest in buying a new mattress. ( In Cleveland OH) sleep source wanted me in a water bed… think they are one of the last left around my area to sell them. Basita Furniture, had two white dove mattress, felt to bouncy and moved on, Original Mattress Factory, went in for the numbers, but had very bad experience with one of their middle priced spring beds 20 yrs ago, they wouldn’t warranty a 2" depression in their bed, told us we sleep wrong (ie bed was only 4 yrs old) the sales man knew lots about destinies and but not on ILD’s. and their latex felt like being on a over filled water bed or a balloon, get in and bounce off… off we went again to a couple other small non chain mattress stores, latex not found :frowning: at mattress matters now, Kim was my salesperson at the state rd store, now I hit the jack pot she was able to give me many many details on their bed. Found the restonic line.

Kim at MM 3 months later due to my wife broke her foot and had to postpone the investigating .
wife and I agreed that we like the Restonic Interlude Ultra Plush $2256.12 (over budget) but details as follows. The beds are made for the chain by restonic, foam from Mountain Top with 5# - 6" 34ILD core, 4# - 2" 24 ILD center layer, 2.something# - 2" 14 ILD top then bamboo cover . now we have a 10" core with a contentious pour latex (version of the Dunlap pour method?)

Had a delivery near Boston, so I visited Neal at Spindle, he agreed the restonic a very good bed, but was bias to his. his foam made the contentious pour way. but his bed only 9" in 3" sections, firm 5# 41 ILD 3", med 26 ILD and super soft 14 ILD. he felt I could max out the compression of the firm layer, we came up with 3" firm, 3"firm, 3" med and then a 2" super soft topper. I like the way that all worked out price came in at $2030 not going into the undergrounds 5% discount bring it down to $1928 over budget but was acceptable.

ok now wife says we have had a topper on a bed in the pass and don’t want one again as I move around to much in my sleep and i will get it off the bed…

Ok back to Restonic and I save more or keep looking. would love to be in the 1500-1600 range but in a king size i don’t see that happening.

been looking at links all over here fox mattress at 3999 will try the Amish but need work to get me the 100 mile south, but found Rainbow bedding Co in Sugarcreek with a phone so will give them a call

and finding more talalay, but in general seem to be more pricey. and seems to make sense, it is a long process, cook freeeze washing etc… dunlop just cook, and also natural vs organic? is their a simple answer to that one ?

thanks Scott

Hi scott442,

You’ve mentioned ILD throughout your post and I should clarify that this isn’t information you need to know or that is important with a local purchase. ILD is a “comfort spec” not a “quality spec” and when you test a mattress your body will tell you what you need to know about softness firmness and PPP.

The only specs you need to make sure the materials are good quality and there are no “weak links” in a mattress are in this article.

With latex … the type and blend of the latex are the specs you need to make meaningful comparisons. There is more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here.

You can read more about organic certifications and organic latex in post #2 here and the posts it links to.


I talked to the owner of Rainbow. She was very knowledgeable about Latex Mattress, she was telling me that she only knew of one person in PA that was said to pour their own latex and only 4 manufactures that supply latex to all these bed manufactures. so will let her help design a bed for us. will go with a 5# 6" base then will do something in medium 3" and then a soft 3". my thoughts are dunlap core and taladay med and soft, upper layer to enhance the durability ? seem like a good plan ? over the phone she told me she will build me anything i want, will test out layers and make sure posture all good and find the perfect comfort :slight_smile: in the $1500 -$1600 range and then add a adjustable base $1300 for a king.

She remembered talking to you on the phone for a long time, and told me I was the first to bring the underground and myself together, hope this will be a great experience and I can comment well on their products.

and just something new? i found wonder how well they will do.

Will keep posting my updates.

Thanks Scott

Hi scott442,

If the layers you choose are a good match for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) and you know the type and blend of the latex then it certainly sounds like a good plan.

You can also see my comments about the Reverie Mattresses in this topic.

I’m looking forward to your updates.


The attachment in post #3 here also includes more detailed information about their mattresses.

Visited the factory in Sugarcreek, OH. on Saturday spent a couple hours with Paul the owner configuring a Mattress for my wife and I.

Ordered a King size 10" Dunlap Latex mattress with 3 3" layers as follows:
Bottom 3" 95 kg/m3 = 5.9306563931883 lb/ft3
Middle 3" 75 kg/m3 = 4.6820971525171 lb/ft3
Top 3" 55 kg/m3 = 3.4335379118458 lb/ft3
Top covering will be a polyester blend with a 1" poly foam

we are totally satisfied with PPP, so now just to wait till Early April for our bed, and the true test of sleeping on it.

This will be his First all latex bed (and ours), he typically does springs and memory foam latex combinations, and he also does a high density poly-foam core with latex and memory foam tops. Paul also does he own testing on the beds he makes, he has a ASTMi testing roller.

His latex comes from Sri Lanka that he buys via a 40’ container at time, and for smaller orders the same Latex from Sri Lanka through Leggett and Platt distributor

He has recently purchased an older american manufactures adjustable bed, do not remember the name of the company started with a “m” i think , we got to talking about ways to make the base legs adjustable . so we also ordered 2 twin xl frames

our mattress came in at $1500 + tax and the 2 twin xl adjustable frames where $650 ea.

I hope that I provided enough information to help others in my area that would like to use local sources keeping as much as possible with american labor and materials .

Hi scott442,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and feedback about Rainbow Bedding … I appreciate it.

I also switched your last few posts to a new topic so that it will be easier for others to find it and added a link to the thread beside the description of Rainbow Bedding in the forum lists where they are included.

I think you did very well and ended up making a great choice … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to share your feedback when you’ve received it and had the chance to sleep on it.


Scott – How do you like your mattress? I was pondering having one of the Amish mattress manufacturers make something custom, and was wondering how yours was working out.