Results of final all-latex

Took my husband today and we went back to Rhinetek in Columbia, MD. Rhiner was very helpful and made every combination of his 3 firmnesses of layers in both Talalay and Dunlop. He really pushes softer and likes it for himself. He believes that heavier people (lke me) need softer mattresses. I remember reading something you wrote that was the opposite of that, but I can’t find it on the site.
Would you please comment? Or send me the link.

The Talalay layer is softer than the Dunlop ,so we are going to put that on top of both sides.
Then we sort of decided to order one more soft in talalay and one soft in Dunlop for the middle.
And two mediums (Dunlop) for the bottom. We think we can mix and match since my husband really doesn’t seem to care. He liked every arrangement.

I think there was so much talking and moving around that I didn’t get to do the all important relax thing, but they all felt comfortable in the short time. I want it as chemical free as possible and consistent, so I think I would prefer all talalay. We don’t have to do Dunlop at all, and if we do all talalay should we move the medium layers to firm?

They suggest platform beds from Maine, The Bedworks of Maine. Good, if expensive. I went through all your online suggestions and didn’t see many bed-looking beds. Any other suggestions?
I feel really good to be close to getting a mattress that will help me sleep better and will not be toxic. My husband wants to ,
make slats for our old old bed frame and I don’t think that’s a good idea, but he’s afraid the finish on the new one will be toxic to me.

What Sunflower said about the other Savvy store was so helpful and I told her that Rhinetek had lower prices.
Thanks again for all you do.

Hi wheezer,

Everything is relative to each person’s personal experience and circumstances but there is some generic information in the “putting the layers together” and in the “sleeping style, preferences, and statistics” sections of the site as well as the tips and tricks page here.

So as you can see while heavier people do tend to do better with firmer layers … don’t forget that your goal is PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) not anyone else’s theories.

The suggestions I have for foundations (and that also includes some platform beds that would be very suitable for an all latex mattress) are in the foundation thread here. The issue of beds (except for the occasional comment from members here or links which are posted along the way) is outside of the scope of a forum dedicated to mattresses although I certainly welcome any discoveries you may find :slight_smile: