Retailer in Margate Florida

I am a new Retailer in Margate Florida. I am trying to get the word out on my store. I have been in the Mattress business for 26 years and have seen come changes in the Mattress Business. I had left the business for 7 years and just recently came back. The biggest change I have seen here in South Florida is that there a lot more people shopping price than ever before. As we say “You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep” The average consumer in So. Florida thinks you can. Worse yet there are many retailers down here taking advantage of it. Where I sell only “Brand New” Mattress Sets at great prices, I carry off Brands. But the "off brands carry the same warranties, and features as the Big Brands, and cost about half the price. 75% of the mattress stores down here carry what we like to call “Scuffs” a polite term for, Used, Reconditioned,Remanufactured Sets. I refuse to sell those. But I have a hard time selling product. I have a mattress from Sherwood, that they make for a National Retailer also…The National Retailer sells it in Queen at 799.99 I sell it for 499.99. But the consumer will get sucked into a “Scuff” Simmons Beautyrest World Class Down the road for 479.00. My store is called Mattress World. I apologize if I am not supposed to mention that. But I want people to know…What seems like such a Great Bargain on a Brand Name Mattress usually is not… Just Beware.

Hi johhny33426,

With the type of information that is available on this site I think that most of the members here would tend to avoid the types of mattress purchases that you are suggesting (see the guidelines here for example). They would also tend to avoid any mattress where the information they would need to make an informed choice (see this article) such as the type and quality of the materials inside the mattress (including foam densities) wasn’t available to them.

The rules of the forum don’t allow any advertising or self promotion or any kind but I don’t mind an initial post that mentions who you are that can serve as an introduction. You are also welcome to post on the forum as long as you don’t refer to or link to your store.

I saw your facebook page but I didn’t notice a website for your store so this may be something that can help you “get the word out” and I also noticed that you weren’t listed as a dealer on the Sherwood retail store locator either so I would ask them to add you as well.