Return Policies/Exchange policies

Just wondering which companies offer the best return/exchange policies on their latex mattresses. My wife has a difficult time finding mattresses with proper support for her ailing back. We currently own a mattress purchased from Costco (innerspring) that was amazing at first, but has begun to severely sag. Costco, which has an amazing return policy, has agreed to pick it up and refund the price even though we have had it for nearly 3 years. I didn’t expect them (let alone anyone) to offer a full refund that long into ownership, but I was curious what people’s experiences were with the recommended companies if anyone has needed to do a return/exchange. Reading Brooklyn Bedding’s website, it looks like they offer a pretty good trial period (120 days) with exchanges for the top layer to manage comfort for example.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi weaveworld,

I don’t keep a record of individual refund and exchange policies or a list of comparisons between manufacturers (and it would probably take me many hours to look at all of them and find out all the details of each for every member that asked which of course isn’t possible) but most better manufacturers will list them on their website or will explain any details that are missing from a description with a phone call. Each person may also have their own definition of what they consider a “better” exchange or refund policy is as well and it may depend on which refund/exchange options each person considers to be most important (ability to exchange a layer, more than one layer, a whole mattress, length of any time limits, costs involved in an exchange or refund, speed and simplicity of packaging and shipment of the exchange, etc).

Because of the length of time that it would take to look up this type of information for others and the many preferences that could be involved in any answer … it’s not really possible for me to answer this and these are the types of questions that I would leave to each members individual research and preferences.

I have to say though that 3 years is VERY generous and I don’t think you would find anything comparable :slight_smile: