returning Nest Alexander--Need help deciding: FloBed vzone or Sleeping Organic?

Looking for some help, please!

I ordered the Nest Alexander a month ago. We had been sleeping for 3 years on an uncomfortable inner-spring pillow top that hubby had purchased without me. I had used a Tempurpedic way back when (~18 years ago) and I thought that memory foam was going to be just what I needed for my achy hips and shoulders. Unfortunately, it’s not great–I’m still achy after laying in the same position for a while and find myself tossing and turning. Plus it’s on the warmer side.
Hubby would prefer a very firm mattress, which is why I’m now down to these two 100% natural latex choices that are customizable–FloBeds vZone and Sleeping Organic. They both seem like good choices.
I am a smaller person (5’1", 110lbs) and I sleep in a fetal position. I’m not sure if the zones in the Flobed will be lost on me–or I’ll end up on a firmer part of the zone due to my size and tendency to curl up.
I’d be grateful for any help or advice!

Hi jaxmom,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

The good news is that you are considering two products using high quality and durable materials, and you’d be choosing between “good” and “good”.

I understand your concern about the zoning system, and at your height and mass the zoning system may not be as necessary to you as someone perhaps taller or with a higher BMI or more specific conditions or being more difficult to fit with a larger difference between shoulders/waist/hips. I would phone FloBeds and express your concerns and see what they have to say about your thoughts – they do have a configurable system without zoning if you desire to eschew that option.

Both of the products you are considering can also be modified for different configurations on the left and right side as well. And as you may already be aware, both FloBeds and Sleeping Organic are site members here, which means I think highly of them, their products, and their advice.

I’ll be interested in learning about any conversations you have or decisions you may ultimately make.


I spoke with both companies. Both were helpful over the phone and quite nice. I ended up deciding on the Flobed. Paul assured me that the zones fit short people like me, and if for some reason I feel like they don’t fit, there are alterations that can be made.
Thank you for this site and for your help! I can’t wait to get the new mattress!

Hi jaxmom,

Congratulations on your new FloBeds purchase! :cheer: As you’re aware, you chose something using good quality and durable materials.

I am happy that you took the time before making a purchase to speak directly with FloBeds and Sleeping Organic, and I’m happy that you received good information and were treated well by both businesses.

I hope that you’ll be able to post back with some feedback on your new mattress once you’ve had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.