Reverie Sleep System - Mattress and Adjustable Base

Hello - I couldn’t find any feedback on the Reverie Mattress on this site, so I thought I would open up the discussion!

I testing the Dormeo Octaspring today, and I am starting to like the concept of non-metal “coils”. My back is so bad these days, that I really want an adjustable bed. I am not sold on memory foam, and I don’t want metal coils with an adjustable bed.

While researching adjustable bases, I came across the Reverie website - and they also offer mattresses with non-metal coils. They are made out of latex coils (while the Octospring is memory foam coil) What I REALLY like is that you can open up the mattress and re-adjust the coils if you need to. You can order more coils too, if your needs change.

The bad part is that the nearest place for me to go lay on one is a few states away. Grrrrr

Has anyone on the forum had experience with them? I only saw one heated discussion on the base, but it had to do with the seller and not the vendor.

Thank you!

Hi mojowomyn,

You can see my thoughts about it in post #2 here and the post it links to.


NOTE ADDED: They have since provided the complete specs of all of their mattresses (see post #6 here) and they have also become a member of the site as well.

I have the Reverie Adjustable bases and they work great. Very quiet motors. The massage feature is nice, but I don’t use it that often.