Reverse Zoning - Causing Discomfort, Fixable?

so, after taking a huge risk, and a bit of an investment in shipping, helper fee (friend in germany) etc… i’ve got this bett1 mattress (

ironically the thing i thought would be the coolest and best part of this mattress was the ‘zoning’ it has

after about a month now, i realized the issue that i’ve had with the mattress IS the zoning

when i lay on my back, i feel like my middle is being pushed up, and the backs of my legs barely touch the surface of the mattress. not nearly as bad when i’m on my side, but i believe i do a bit of rotating in the middle of the night spending time on my back as i move from side to side

I’ve been trying to cover it up with a 20ILD latex topper, but the issue shines through. i have a 28ILD talalay ordered (might even cancel at this point) since i dont think this was ever the issue all along

i’m not in horrible pain, the mattress if quite supportive and comfortable, however i finally laid parallel with the zoning slits, and all the issues i had with the mattress were gone. i’m going to give it a shot tonight to see how it goes

that said, what next?

  • throw in the towel and get a real base (would suck to eat the loss, maybe i can find a new home for it to recoup even half the cost, but with covid i’m not sure many folks would be interested in used)
  • try and ‘slit in’ my own new zones and try and even the mattress out
  • do the reverse, order and cut up some foam and fill in the slits?
  • sleep WITH the zones (laying parallel with them) and just have this sort of ‘firmer hump’ in the middle?
  • maybe a 1-2" firm layer of foam, with then a latex topper to prevent some of the zones?
  • currently sleeping on the med-firm side, maybe i flip to the firm side, and jack the 2" 28 talalay to a 3" (as the firm side is quite firm), but would be less exaggerated with the zoning due to the added firmness?


pic to help visualize (ordered in the 200cm x 200cm, about a king size)

EDIT: 210lb male side/back sleeper, 150lb female who can sleep on a ladder and wouldnt notice

I don’t have any info on the durability of this mattress but I agree with you the zoning sounds like it’s not helping quite like you’d expect it to. If you want to make this work then you are going to need to add additional (latex) layers above the base mattress to counter any zoning problems you might have. My first suggestion would be to post up some mattress level photos of whatever sleeping position you use most (if side sleeping, face away from the camera so your spine alignment is visible). This way we can see how bad the misalignment is and can recommend how best to correct it. I would hold off on ordering any more toppers because as many people find out, just adding more height to the mattress does not fix alignment problems.

yeah, i’ll see if i can get some pics after work here, thanks for jumping in

i tried sleeping last night ‘in the slits’ if you will, laying parallel with them. while it was more comfortable in the sense that the zoning didnt come into play, it felt like i was slightly confined to a divot, ha, so not ideal

i dont think throwing layers at it is the solution as you stated. right now my leading solution is to flip it over to the firmest side so the zoning will be less pronounced. since that side is quite uncomfortably firm, moving from a 2" to a 3" 28ILD talalay (i’ve had a chance to lay on a 2" 28ILD talalay in store nearby) to help with some of the damping/comfort, and keeping me further away from the zones, and hope that solves it. in anycase the investment into the 3" layer gives me my top layer if i swap out the base for a latex or spring base in future

A 28ILD layer is pretty firm for a comfort layer unless you are a stomach sleeper, most use around 2-4" of 19-22ILD for the top layer then the next layer down would be stiffer. If I were making an all latex mattress for someone average height and 210lbs then it would likely look something like (4 layers, 3" each) 22ILD/32ILD/36ILD/36ILD on your side and 22ILD/28ILD/32ILD/36ILD on your wife’s side given she’s around 150lbs and assuming average height. Something to think about anyway.

yeah, i’m going based on the fact that right now with a 20ILD 3" dunlop topper, i’m finding i’m sinking in in the hip region and the rest of the body isnt keeping up

while it might be firmer, it will be welcomed at my weight to keep me straight. degenerative disc disease sucks

hey all

second shot of the vax was a doozy!

anyway, after a few nights of sleeping on the 3" 20ILD latex on the firm side of the mattress, the zoning can still slightly be felt

i’m going to try and get some pics, but basically my upper body is sinking further into the zoning than the hip region, and its causing this ‘unbalance’

the german mattress experiment might be coming to a conclusion as i look to a hybrid/all latex build

any other thoughts?

Best thing at this point is probably to see some photos of the spinal alignment so we can make suggestions for a fix if you wanted to continue down that road.