(REVIEW) Bought a mattress from Quality Sleep Shop in LaGrange, IL

Just my experience…
Me and the SO went in to the store on a sunday to look around and try some out. Were were the only ones there initially. We were talking to Kathy about the mattress industry and general information and then brought up this forum. She said we were the 3rd people that day who mentioned your mattress forum. We started talking about mattresses in more detail and what we were looking for and she was very pleasant to talk to and work with. She did not try to “sell” us a mattress like most other places but simply just told us what to look for and try to answer as many questions as possible. We wound up buying the 2 sided “Emily” bed they have. It just felt the best plus it is two sided for longevity. It has a nice firm but not too firm feel to it. My SO who has and extra vertabrae in her neck and a twisted pelvis really enjoyed it. We actually upgraded to a queen size for the extra room. We bought a frame from them as well. The foundations is really solid. Real high quality compared to what you would get at national stores. We had a snafu with the delivery date and they missed the date we agreed upon but they apologized profusely and refunded my delivery charge. They honored the 5% discount as well. We have now had the mattress for about 2 weeks and could not be happier with it. I am extremely happy I found this forum. I would do business with Quality Sleep Shop again in a heartbeat. I especially liked how they are independent and are family run who care about the product they sell. I just wanted to post this to help other users in the Chicago area to a great option. Thanks a lot Phoenix.B)

Hi elkypro,

Thanks for such a great review.

I’m happy that like so many others you were not only able to buy a great quality and value mattress but that it “fit” your needs and preferences so well and that you were able to experience the kind of service that can actually make mattress shopping enjoyable instead of a chore.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences for the benefit of many others who will read it down the road as they start their own search for a new mattress … and most of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Thanks elkypro! I am thinking of buying a mattress set at Quality Sleep Shop. I telephoned them yesterday and spoke with Liz. She answered all my questions and was very nice. No pressure sales tactics. I had a good first impression. Thanks Again!

Thank you for this helpful review. I plan to visit Quality Sleep Shop this weekend to look at their latex mattresses.