Review for Ultimate Dreams 12” Supreme Gel MF Mattress

Hi everyone,

I’m about to order the ultimate dreams 12" supreme gel memory foam mattress off of Amazon. I decided since I got a wealth of helpful information from this site I would help contribute. There doesn’t seem to be very many Amazon reviews on it yet so hopefully this will help some people out. I think once I get it I will review it in parts: after the first night or two, then a month, and then probably around 6 months.

Here are some stats on me:
Back and side sleeper (mostly side)

I wanted to get an idea where their gel mattresses would be on the 1-10 scale they use for their latex mattresses. I emailed chuck and specifically asked about the Supreme (12") mattress and the 13":

“The 13” Gel bed is going to be a medium soft to soft feel. It is very comparable in feel to the Cloud Luxe by Tempur-Pedic. It would be at about an 8 on our 1-10 comfort scale.
The 12" Gel supreme bed is going to be a medium to medium soft feel. It is based on the feel of the Cloud Supreme bed. It would sit at about a 6 or 7 on our scale."

I also asked him if he would recommend the 13" or the 12" Supreme for a 200-230+lb side sleeper:

“Can’t go wrong with either bed, most people over 200 Lbs tend to prefer the Gel Supreme bed because they feel it does not quite give them the sinking feeling the Luxe or 13” Gel bed does."

Based on his recommendation and trying out the Tempur-Pedic versions of each mattress I went with the 12" Supreme. I figured if it wasn’t plush enough for side sleeping I could always get a topper. we’ll see how it works out.

Cheers for now! :slight_smile:

Hi Ssm455,

Thanks for the feedback … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your reports once you receive it.

I also think you were wise to go a little firmer.


Hi there, it’s been a while since you bought this mattress. Wondering how you like after a few years and how has it held up?

I’ve had the DF Ultimate Dreams 12" Supreme MF mattress for 2 weeks. I am in the process of returning my Brooklyn Bedding BME. Which has turned into a much lengthier process than I anticipated. The shipping company has yet to contact me in over 2 weeks since submitting my refund form with BB.
Now to the new mattress, which is the medium firmness: In short, I love it! Most of my shoulder pain is gone. I can lay on my back and have minimal pain, so much better than the BME. Possibly, the BME in Soft rather than Medium would have been a better match. But I went with what Mario suggested.
I look forward to going to bed now, rather than dreading a night of pain. The mattress cradles you and supports you without enveloping you like some older MF did. I don’t find it difficult to change positions, but my hubby says he does. The only complaint is that it’s a bit hot. I had to remove a mattress pad that had Poly fill in it, which made it hotter. Ordering a ALL cotton mattress pad, hoping this will help. Hoping this heat issue doesn’t become a problem in the summer.
I would definitely purchase again. The ordering, delivery and setup was a breeze.

Hi JeanneS,

Congratulations on your new “replacement” mattress! :slight_smile: I’m glad you’re sleeping better. You certainly made a good quality/value choice. I’m looking forward to any future updates you can provide once you’ve had a chance to sleep on your new Dreamfoam mattress for longer than two weeks.

I’m sorry your BME didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped, but you were smart enough B) to choose a product that could be returned. I wouldn’t hesitate to phone Brooklyn Bedding directly to see if they can assist in “expediting” your return.