Review of Genius Hi-Rise Bed Frame

We recently upgraded our 15 year old mattress and also purchased a new foundation for the mattress. The mattress is an Aloe Alexis from Brooklyn Bedding and we decided to go with the Genius Hi-Rise frame since it was recommended, and sold, by Brooklyn Bedding. We actually bought ours through Amazon, see it here, - I guess from habit. I buy a lot of stuff through there. Anyway, this will be about the frame.

The frame arrived through UPS with two day shipping (I am a Prime member with Amazon) and the box appeared fine. However when I took it out of the box I noticed one of the cross rails was bent. This did not appear to affect the bed setup so I continued on. We bought the queen size frame and it is actually two twins that you set up and then connect together. We wanted to keep our existing headboard, footboard, and side rails so I hoped the new bed frame would set up and fit inside the existing bed frame. It didn’t.

As I said this came in two pieces both of which unfolded lengthwise and then the support legs unfolded underneath. The first section was unfolded and placed within the existing bed frame, so far so good. However, when the next section was unfolded we noticed one of the folding members of a leg section was bent out of place. No way the frame would work this way so I had to get some tools and straighten this out so the “arm” would lock into place. Luckily I was able to do this and I have not noticed any problems yet.

We proceeded to place the second section of the new frame into our existing bed but the two pieces would not fit. The middle legs on the Genius Hi-Rise are on the outer perimeter of the frame and this was hitting the side rails. The other legs are situated inside of the frame so they were not an issue. I really did not want to lose the side rails and have to buy the accessory to attach headboards/footboards since those assume the headboard/footboard are bolted on - ours are not. I marked where the leg was hitting the side rail on each side and then took the rails to the garage and cut out a portion of the rail where the old slats were supported. This allowed the middle legs of the Genius Hi-Rise to fit and we were able to keep our old bed setup.

Another problem that came up when we were putting the two sections together was with a pin and guide hole on the metal frame. There are two of these (the two frame sections will only go together one way) where the pin on one section goes into the hole on the other. One of these pins was bent in enough where it would not go into the hole on the other frame. I bent this up a little until it slid right in. You then take two bolts, some washers, and wing nuts and secure the two sections together. Make sure the wing nuts are turned so that the “wings” are horizontal so they don’t poke into the mattress. Everything seemed to work fine then and we proceeded with unboxing the mattress.

Overall I am pleased with the frame but if this was available locally I would have taken it back and traded for one without so many bent pieces (3). At least they could be fixed. I read about some people having problems with squeaking on these types of frames but we have not had any issues yet although we haven’t had this setup very long. I believe a little lubrication will cure most squeaks that develop, if any, and also making sure the pieces fit together and the bolts are tight will help.

The bed frame in the box

The bent cross section:

The feet on the bottom of the frame:

The bent part of a leg section:

One section inside our old bed frame:

The pin that had to be bent up:

The notch cut on existing bed rail:

The final placement:

Hi smankins,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with the Genius Bedframe and for the pictures as well … I appreciate it :).

I probably would have done the same thing and with the bent pieces Brooklyn Bedding would have replaced it as well but I’m glad you were able to fix it … and do the carpentry work that let you use your current bedframe as well.

I’ve also noticed some of the reviews that mentioned the squeaking with a few of these types of bedframes in general (with several different brands) and the most common source seems to be the braces but as you mentioned they don’t seem difficult to fix if this happens either with some lubrication or with a rubber washer.