Review of Nature Rest Talalay GL Mattress from Beloit Mattress Company

I’ve had this queen mattress nine months and am as happy with it now as the first night I slept on it. I find it comfortable. It’s the particular comfort I was looking for from a firm mattress. To me it is exceptionally comfortable, and I hope it will last me a very long time.

I do, however, feel that the mattress has a slight unevenness from where I sleep on it more, very slight. I understand that one is supposed to move around on it to keep all areas equal, but when two people sleep the mattress it’s inevitable there will be a small middle area that gets less use.

From researching mattresses on this site I learned this mattress from Beloit Mattress would be on elf the best priced I could find of Talaly, and luckily Beloit is not so far from me. People drive several hours to buy mattresses from them.

The people at Beloit mattress were a pleasure to work with, and they honored the 5% discount for being a Mattress Underground member.

Hi TingoTroy,

Thanks for taking the time to return to the forum and share your comments and feedback after 9 months … I appreciate it :slight_smile: