Review of SleepEZ 10,000

We got the queen size organic SleepEZ 10,000 and the foundation sold by SleepEZ. We’ve been sleeping on it for two weeks and we are very satisfied. It took 2 of us about 2 hours to open and assemble everything. SleepEZ could have packaged things differently to be more efficient, but oh well. For example, they packaged the mattress cover with the top layer instead of the bottom layer. Everything had to be opened first and rearranged in order to assemble our mattress. This was difficult in a small space. The mattress cover and zipper are nice quality.

We ordered twelve 3" bedlegs from The bedlegs do not fit the foundation perfectly, but we made it work. The center beam is very narrow, so we only used 2 screws per leg (diagonally across from each other), instead of 4. Around the perimeter, the wood is wider, but not wide enough, so we used the narrow option for the 4-screw placement. I would get the bedlegs again, because we don’t want a bed frame. We also got some 4" carpet-base sliders from a local store to protect our hardwood floors. The bed doesn’t creak at all and seems very sturdy.

The St. Dormeir wool and terry mattress protector from FloBeds is very nice quality.

The free latex pillows are 5" high, very soft, and we’re happy with them. We like fairly low pillows and these seem to squish down enough.

My husband is 5’7" and 170 lbs. and is a side + back sleeper. He got firm Dunlop bottom, medium Dunlop middle, and medium Talalay top. I am 5’3" and 120 lbs. and am a 100% side sleeper. I got firm Dunlop bottom, medium Dunlop middle, and soft Talalay top. We are planning to keep these layers. I thought his side with the medium Talalay top was comfortable too, however, I really love how my side of the bed with the soft Talalay top hugs and cushions me. I’ll warn you though, when I lay on my back for a minute just to stretch, I’d say the soft Talalay top is too soft. It’s good only for sleeping on my side.

Hope this helps someone make their decision!

Hi cold_in_the_midwest,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a helpful review. It’s great to see when someone “gets it right” the first time :slight_smile:

I’m glad too that the bedlegs work and are stable as well so that others know that this is also an option for them.

I hope you have the chance to check back from time to time as well to keep us up to date :slight_smile:


Don’t be afraid to try the med up top and soft in the middle on your side. The best part about a configurable bed is that you can change it to optimize to your preferences.