Review of the Ultimate Dreams mattress

Hi asjdwf,

You can see my comments about the wire grid frames with less longitudinal wires in post #48 here.

I would personally buy a better one with more longitudinal wires and better more even support but it would probably be OK but a little more risky over the long term (although the manufacturer is always the one to check with as the final “authority” about which foundation is OK with their mattresses).

One is fulfilled by Amazon and costs a little more but has the Amazon return policy and has more shipping options and no bonus pillow. You can read about Amazon’s large item return policy for mattresses here and as you can see the costs involved are more than their return policy for regular sized items.

The other link is fulfilled by Dreamfoam and includes the bonus pillow and is slightly lower cost.

I suppose that Amazon’s search favors the products that they fulfill but I don’t know why for sure. The Dreamfoam site is here and if you click the “view our inventory” link it will take you to their Amazon page which includes all the products which they fulfill themselves.