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This is a review of the Ultimate Dreams mattress purchased from Amazon here:
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From the research I did, this mattress was consistently in the top 3 for my personal choices. It is made from high quality-durable materials that include 3" of talalay latex, 5.5" of 2.35lbs of high density base foam, 1.5" of a soft comfort layer foam, and a soft bamboo cover. The Amazon price was much lower than equivalent mattresses made from lower quality materials. The company also personally customizes each mattress made to a firmness level that fits your request.

Latex was one of my personal requirements in a mattress because of its myriad of benefits. It keeps cool when sleeping, is a fast response foam, is easy to move around on (you sleep ON the mattress instead of IN the mattress), and is one of the most durable and long lasting foams on the market. My husband and I dislike memory foam since it is a slow response foam that keeps you sleeping hot, is hard to move around on, and isn’t as durable as latex.

The 2.35lbs of high density base (support) foam is of a higher quality than most of the comparable mattresses I found at Costco, Sam’s Club, and any of the larger mattress manufacturers. Also, it was really hard to compare materials from the mass market manufacturers since often times they didn’t know materials contained within their mattresses. When I did get some comparison information, many used 1.8lb density support foam that isn’t as durable as 2.35lb support foam. When comparing memory and polyfoam, the density is pretty important and plays a big part of how durable the mattress will be. Also, many mass market mattress stores charged MUCH higher prices for comparable materials even with their “sale” prices.

After researching, testing the feel of latex, and deciding on a firmness, I chose a level 4-medium/firm. I had some other questions that Chuck from Brooklyn Bedding answered promptly. I knew that, personally, I wanted a firmer more supportive mattress that I could put my Seven Comforts Premium Latex Foam Mattress Pad on as a comfort layer. This turned out to be an amazing combination! After sleeping on these last night, it was easier to stay in bed and when I got up, I had reduced stiffness. Also, I didn’t have any shoulder or hip pain since I didn’t have any pressure points when sleeping! My husband gave it high marks as well saying he slept deeper than he has in many years.

This is a very good quality mattress at a very good price. My husband and I are very pleased with it and while there is some nervousness about buying a mattress online (without having any kind of easy return policy), I think if you fully research your needs and comfort levels this is a really great deal. I would highly recommend this mattress and the folks at Brooklyn Bedding are good mattress people.


Thanks for the review on the Ultimate Dreams mattress. I too am leaning towards ordering these. They really seem to be a good value.

Thanks for the review! I too just received my Queen DreamFoam / Ultimate Dreams mattress from Brooklyn Bedding last week and have so far been very pleased! I do not have a mattress topper, so I opted for a 7 out of 10 (24 ILD) plushness for the 3" Latex layer.

I am a side sleeper, and I have also found that my shoulder and back both feel better in the morning.

The price cannot be beat - It is a great value in my opinion.

The mattress is delivered in a fairly small box considering it is a Queen mattress, it is vacuum sealed and then rolled up - which makes it easy to get up the stairs (I simply flipped it end over end long ways up the stairs). Opening the mattress is quite easy if you have a pair of sharp scissors.

I did have some initial off-gassing and I let the mattress sit without sheets for 2 days (except when I slept on it of course) and it seems to have vanished. I didn’t have any issues with the smell when I was sleeping on it though!

I think for me - it was the perfect “low cost” option that in turn lowered the risk to buying online. It also gave me a chance to own a partially latex mattress and when I decide to replace this mattress or re-purpose it as a guest bed - I will be more comfortable ordering a mattress online and would likely order a full latex mattress next.

Glad to hear you’re as happy as I am with this great deal!

Actually, it seems as though Brooklyn Bedding sells full Latex mattresses through this website:
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Hi Coventry and ryanC,

Thanks to both of you for your reviews :slight_smile: I particularly appreciate the kind of reviews that include more detailed information that can be really helpful for others that are reading them.

This is one of Brooklyn Bedding’s websites that they are working on and when the information is all up to date and John gives the go ahead it will be listed as well. The Amazon offering is a “special” model that he asked to be listed under his membership in the meantime :slight_smile:


@hhenderson57- You’re welcome! This forum and Phoenix have been so helpful for me in making an informed decision that I wanted to share my meager experience as well. Plus, it can be harrowing to purchase something so personal and important and it helps to have peoples opinions. :slight_smile:

@ryanc- I totally agree! While I didn’t want to make too big of deal of the price point on this mattress, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a big part of my own personal decision. Having said that, it’s important to note that this mattress has high quality foams and has good construction. This is a product that is a lot of bang for the buck. The price reflects the uncertainty of buying a large, heavy, generally hard to return item along with the issue of not being able to test it in person.

Anyways, I agree with your own assessment and would love to purchase a full latex mattress in the future as well. Until then, I’ll be happily drooling…er…dreaming on this one. :slight_smile:

I’m very thankful that you have provided this feedback. This is starting to look like it may be on option in my search. Does anyone know the ILD of the base support foam layer? I think adding a split topper to this in king size may be a viable option if I think the base mattress is supportive enough. Then I can make it soft enough for my wife, and firm enough for me.

Also, does anyone know the ILD’s of their 1-10 scale?


[quote=“Sleeplessbwj” post=4910]I’m very thankful that you have provided this feedback. This is starting to look like it may be on option in my search. Does anyone know the ILD of the base support foam layer? I think adding a split topper to this in king size may be a viable option if I think the base mattress is supportive enough. Then I can make it soft enough for my wife, and firm enough for me.

Also, does anyone know the ILD’s of their 1-10 scale?


I don’t have the exact numbers, maybe Phoenix knows - but if you email the vendor - they are VERY quick to respond to emails and would probably be able to give you a good idea. You can contact them via Amazon ( try this link : )

I know when I asked, they offered a 19 ILD (probably equivalent to a 9 or 10?), 24 ILD (which Chuck said was a 7 out of 10), 28 ILD (which I believe is their standard, which is 6 out of 10) and a 32 ILD (not sure where this falls in the scale - maybe 4 or 5 out of 10?) and Chuck said they could go even firmer to 40 ILD - but he said most people don’t usually go that firm.

Emailing them is the best option though!

Hi Sleeplessbwj and ryanc,

I don’t know the translation from their numbers to the ILDs that they use but I do know that like ryanc mentioned they are very responsive to questions and it’s probably better to get the information right out of the “horses mouth”


I suspect that your translations are pretty close and thanks for posting them here (they can be edited if they turn out to be slightly different). I also couldn’t imagine sleeping on 40 ILD latex and I personally (personal preference) would even have some trouble sleeping on a 32 ILD layer, even with the supersoft on top, unless it was a “back sleeping night” (and I’m normally a side sleeper). Of course my personal preferences may be very different from someone else’s :slight_smile:


I e-mailed Dreamfoam bedding and got some information, not all that I was looking for however. I’ll call Chuck when I have more time and update this. E-mail exchange below:

Hi Brian,

The density of the base foam is 2.35. It is a very firm very dense foam.The ILD for the two most popular comfort levels is: 28 ILD for the 6, 32 ILD for the 4. Thanks for your questions and if you have any others please do not hesitate to email me or give me a call.


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Could you please tell me the ILD of the base foam used in the ultimate dreams mattress? Also, what are the ILD selections for the 3" latex layer? I understand you use a 10 point scale, so what ILD is associated with each? Lots of buzz about these on the mattress underground forum!

Thanks! Brian

Hi Sleeplessbwj,

I would bear in mind that ILD when it is used for polyfoam is different than ILD when used for latex because the testing sample is thinner which also makes the results different (ILD is usually measured at 25% compression which is different with different thickness samples). While knowing the ILD of the polyfoam may seem valuable … without a reference point of comparison it would be difficult to translate it into terms that can predict what it may feel like for any particular individual. A “typical” ILD for a polyurethane foam base would be in the range of 32 - 36 but this would not be the same as the equivalent in latex because of the differences in testing samples and also the differences in the performance (and support factor) of the different types of foam. This is one of those cases where “average” or in this case what he describes as “very firm” may be a more important piece of information than introducing the uncertainty of a number that is difficult to “translate”.



Great site. Never knew there was so much to learn about mattresses. I have pretty much decided on some form of latex mattress. I have a question specific to the Ultimate Dreams mattress and the firmness levels for me and my wife. I am about 190 lbs and a back and stomach sleeper. My wife is 140 lbs and mainly side sleeper. I think the 24 - 28 ILDs for me and 24 for my wife may work best. This equates to the 6 (28 ild) and 7 (24ild) on their firmness scale. What are your thoughts on these firmness levels for us? We both prefer a soft feel, but I don’t want something too soft that may breakdown under my weight.

Also, I am in the Birmingham, AL area and have been to Royal Bedding. Didn’t get a chance to speak with the owner, Tom, so a return trip is in order. One of their latex mattresses appeals to me, double-sided, so I want to speak with Tom before I make a final decision.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Hi hhenderson57,

I was fortunate to have had some ongoing conversations with Tom while he was developing and testing his new latex mattress so I had a ringside seat into every step of the way from design and concept through the fire testing to it finally being put on the floor. He is very proud of what he made and calls it “delicious” :slight_smile: It is two sided and has very good value.

In terms of your choice … I would agree with your thinking and you are right in the average range that most people would typically choose (although Chucks guidance would be better than mine because he has the database of customers with similar circumstances who have bought that specific mattress and has more feedback than I have). A “typical” ILD choice for the comfort layer of a latex mattress would be in the 19 - 24 range with some going softer down to as low as 14 and some going as high as 32. With the quilting foam in the Ultimate dreams … it would give it a little softer feel than just the ILD of the latex itself. It would effectively bring the ILD down a bit.

Bear in mind that 24 ILD in many cases is already a bit firmer than many people who sleep on traditional mattresses with supersoft foam in them are used to and with your wife’s lighter weight and side sleeping I wouldn’t go higher than 24 ILD. In your case with your heavier weight and stomach and back sleeping and a “softer” preference I think 28 would be a good choice and probably better than the 32. I’m assuming you are thinking of separate twins so you can each make your own choices?

I hope you have a chance to post any comments when you’ve had a chance to talk with Tom and try his new “baby” … errr … I mean mattress :slight_smile:


PS … I hope you don’t mind but I added this post and reply to the existing Ultimate Dreams thread just to keep the feedback together.


Thanks for the feedback. You have confirmed what I was thinking regarding firmness levels based on my reading of the many threads on this site. We are looking at getting two twin xl mattresses with the reverie deluxe base (thanks for the feedback on that one too).

I hope to get to Royal Bedding this week and see what help Tom can give. I’ll keep you posted.

I thought I’d just post a quick update and say that I’ve owned my Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress (Queen) for about 3 months now and I’m still loving it. Over the 3 months I’ve gotten used to it and it has become more of a given than anything else - but I still wake up each morning without any shoulder or back pain.

I haven’t had any problems with the mattress, it still essentially feels like the day I got it.

My only complaint is that it sucks sleeping in hotels or my parent’s house now since I don’t get to sleep on my mattress! :slight_smile:

If you do order it, remember that it comes with a free Latex pillow if you mention that you’re a member of too!

For $600 (for the Queen) - I still think it is a bargain.

After much research & hesitation, add me to the list of customers buying this mattress! Can’t wait!

Hi Rossneptune,

Then I clearly need to add you to the list of people that I’ve said congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Does anyone have an email for Chuck? I tried contacting him through their web form but never got a response.

I ordered an Ultimate Dreams 13 for my son and was thinking about getting something similar but firmer for me and my wife. I also wanted to ask him about the TMU discount.


Hi Cataldo,

You can call them at the number on the Brooklyn Bedding site here.

The email you received for your son’s order should be the one to contact them. You can also email them at the Amazon email link on their sellers information page here.

The TMU bonus for their Amazon mattresses is a shredded pillow and on the mattresses that are sold on the Brooklyn Bedding site is a 5% discount. It’s available to anyone who is a registered forum member (one post on the forum) at the time of their order.

EDIT: To receive the forum discount on their Brooklyn Bedding line make sure you either call, email, or use their chat to get the discount information before your purchase. With Amazon they just need your username here.

Hope this helps


I ordered my Ultimate Dreams mattress on 3/2/13, I received it on 3/8/13. The tag on the mattress states it was made on 2/15/13.
The tag also states it’s made of 66% urethane foam and 34% talalay latex.
There is no mention on tag or shipping materials of the comfort level I ordered.
I thought each mattress was custom made after order and choice of comfort level. Maybe I received a returned mattress.
I am worried about the quality and longevity of materials and if I even received the correct comfort level I ordered.

Is the 3" of talalay latex 100% or blended?
Is the base foam and the 1.5" of foam in the quilted bamboo cover the 66% of urethane foam?
I find the Amazon listing a little vague and maybe misleading. I guess I should have asked more questions before ordering.

So far I am happy with the mattress but wake up a little sore. I hope it’s just a matter of getting accustomed to it. The shipping speed and packaging was excellent. I felt the email responses were slower than they should have been. The price is good if the mattress lasts 10+ years before any degradation.