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Hello I’ve been struggling to find the right comfort layer for me. I have a soft sleep on latex mattress, and a 2" super-soft natural Talalay topper that is 14 ILD from Mayer’s bedding. I’ve been waking up with sore shoulders and a little bit of pain in my hips, because I’m sinking right through the 2" back into the mattress which is too firm for my body (I’m a side sleeper, 175 pounds, 6 1", with wide shoulders that measure 4 inches roughly between the edge of my shoulders and right below my armpit). I’m thinking I need another topper- possibly more in the 20ILD, under the 14 ILD. What I’m wondering is if there would be any big difference between a Dunlap vs Talalay, and if 2" of 20 ILD (or in that range) or 3" would be preferable. Any recommendations? Been struggling with this for awhile, so any help would be very much appreciated. I’m also curious about one other thing: I ordered a wool mattress pad which is very cozy, but it diminishes the effect the Talalay has- making it firmer and less relieving of pressure points. If I added another topper would that make the wool pad usable, or would it always cancel out the effects of the other layers? Thanks!

Your trial period has expired? Sleeponlatex mislabels their firmness, in my opinion. They call “soft” what others call “medium”, etc. So I am not surprised their “soft” mattress is not suitable for side sleepers. Probably, mattress cover also adds to firmness when you sink through that topper. The backside of that wool topper is so hard that it is pretty much useless on anything, if you want to add softness. Seems like you are constructing a new mattress on top of another mattress. Perhaps, adding a 2’’ or 3’’ 20 ild layer would help, but it might mess up alignment even more depending on how the two toppers interact with each other and the mattress through the cover. I would recommend to return the mattress if you can and get something more suitable for a side sleeper.

Hi Jacksonhp9 and thanks for reaching out! Please keep the following in mind when choosing a thickness for your topper: A 2" topper will make a noticeable difference but, depending on how much you want to change the feel of your mattress, may still leave something to be desired. The 3" topper will change the feel of your mattress the most, and if that’s the change that you’re looking for then this would be the best bet. The best way to summarize it would be to say that a 2" topper will make the mattress feel moderately softer and the 3" topper will make the mattress feel much softer.

Both the thickness and the density makes a difference when choosing a topper. Ultimately, how you make your decision will depend on the following: how firm your mattress is now; how much softer you want your mattress to be; your height, body weight, and sleeping preference (For example, if you weigh more than about 220 lbs I would recommend a medium topper; if you weighed more than 220 lbs and bought a soft topper, you would likely bottom out and sink right through the topper to the firm mattress that you’re trying to move away from).

Aside from that, Talalay is bouncier and springier and is generally better at contour and pressure relief on your hips and shoulders. Dunlop is denser and firmer and is generally better at support and maintaining proper spinal alignment so Talalay is much more common for toppers.

Based on the information you’ve provided, a 3" soft (19-22 ILD) Talalay topper has the best chance to be successful for you. That isn’t to say that a Dunlop topper absolutely wouldn’t work, it’s just that a Talalay topper is most likely to be successful for you. You could try the 3" soft topper with and without the 2" super soft, and if you try the soft with the super soft you can try both setups of having the super soft over the soft and you can try having the soft on top of the super soft. I recommend trying all combinations just to make sure you can get the mattress dialed in to your specific needs and preferences.

To answer your last question, please keep in mind that anything you place between yourself and the latex will affect the way you contour into the latex, making for a generally firmer feel. If you’re getting pressure point issues I would try removing all wool pads, protectors, etc. from the mattress to sleep with just the mattress, topper(s), and topper cover(s) so that you have a base line for comparison. Then, if you’d like to add more layers to the mattress you’ll have a better idea of just how much any particular pad or protector affects the feel and how much that new layer increases your pressure point issues.

I recently subscribed to this forum and reviewed articles on this site as I started a search for a new king mattress for my wife and I. The amount of helpful information/reviews and unhelpful information on the web at large is unreal. Over the last few weeks, I was gradually worn down by the sheer magnitude of choices. My first lesson was that you could get a bed with natural components for 4x cheaper online than at box or department stores. Thank you, TMU (with an assist from old Old Bed Guy articles).

Second, I probably settled about 5 different times on a mattress and then read something that gave me pause. This lead to more reading and searching. I finally reviewed the trusted companies on this site and started over reviewing them.

Ultimately, I settled on the the Luma Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress and placed the order today. I went with the Medium. I was concerned that if I didn’t pull the trigger today, it would be another week of reading and changing my mind. I’m looking forward to receiving the notification the mattress has shipped and getting it delivered. My wife and I are praying for the day to sleep on a better mattress.

We like the fact that it has a changeable topper.

Thanks for all the info!