I stumbled across this news story about yet another online mattress company. Has anyone heard of them, Ritebed. They have 2 options, one all foam and the other with the L&P combi zone quantum edge spring system with layers of memory foam and some type of latex and some kind of breathable foam. No real specs are provided.

I am leaving a link to the news story, but do not want to appear as marketing
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Hi clutchless,

Tanks for the update. Yes, they are another of the ever-growing “simplified choice” mattress offerings.

As you stated, there is no meaningful information on their web site, and most of what is out there are self-generated press releases (which is what you linked to, so I removed it from your original post :slight_smile: ). They offer a pocketed spring unit using a Leggett and Platt Combi-Zone Quantum edge system, on top of which is a 1” polyfoam layer, a 1” gel latex layer and a 2” memory foam layer. No densities are provided. Their foam offering is a 6” polyfoam core, a 2” polyfoam layer, a 1” gel latex layer and a 2” memory foam layer. No specifications are listed for these layers as well. The products are made in the USA but the origin of the different foam layers are not specified.

The RiteBed is part of a partnership between Ft. Worth, TX, based mattress manufacturer Sleeptronic and Arkansas based mattress retailer Bedding Mart. The trademark is registered to Ashley Rogers Interiors at the address of a Bedding Mart location in Little Rock, AR. Brad Jordan, the owner of Bedding Mart, is the CEO of RiteBed.

If you’re able to find out any other information about the product, feel free to post back and I’ll be happy to comment upon it.

Thanks for the update!


They responded to my request for specs on the foam in the hybrid mattress:

The top 2 inch layer of RiteConfirm™ memory foam is 3.0 density for proper spinal alignment and pressure relief.

The 1 inch RiteSupport™ gel-infused latex layer doesn’t have a density because latex isn’t measured in density like regular foam. It has an 18 ILD which stands for (indention load deflection) rating. This cools and cradles your body for deeper REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

The 1 inch layer of RiteTemp™ foam is a 1.5 density for better airflow helping you sleep cooler.

The RiteCoil™ is zoned in 5 places for superior hip, neck and shoulder support. It has 1068 total coils in queen size.

Hi Clutchless,

Thank you for sharing that information about the RiteBed!

So for the Hybrid, they have:
2” of 3 lb memory foam.
1” of 18 ILD gel latex (unknown blend, style).
1” of 1.5 lb polyfoam
Leggett and Platt Combi-Zone Quantum Coil 1068 pocketed coil spring unit.

I’d advise a caution with this mattress, as the 2" of 3 lb memory foam is lower density memory foam than I would suggest and is a potential weak link in this mattress, and I would avoid it.

Did they provide you any data on the polyfoam core in the “regular” RiteBed?


No, they asked which mattress I wanted foam specs and I said hybrid. Based on what they provided and your analysis of their quality, I am not inclined to ask for specs on the full foam version. I suspect the upper layers are the same and we would only need data for the base layer.

Hi Clutchless,

This is quite often the case, and your supposition is most likely correct. Wholesale changes in comfort layer specifications tend to happen when multiple comfort configurations offered for a particular model, and not when there is a support core swap out from polyfoam to spring unit.