Rocky Mountain mattress, any insight?

Just wondering what the general recommendation is for a Rocky Mountain Mattresses?

Hi Themattressman,

Rocky Mountain Mattress is a manufacturing member of this site which means that I think very highly of them and that I believe they have some of the best service, quality, and value in the country. They are certainly a recommended outlet.

A forum search on Rocky Mountain will bring up lots more information about them.

When a member is invited (and chooses) to become a member of this site … they also agree to provide the members of the forum with a bonus or discount on any mattress purchase which in the case of Rocky Mountain Mattress is 5% (all you have to do is mention you are a forum member) which of course is a nice additional perk :).


Thank you very much for your website and the time you put into getting the information out there. I was overwhelmed in the intentionally murky field of mattress shopping and by then end of the search I’d decided on a 100% natural Talalay / 100% natural Dupont mattress with green textiles from Rocky Mountain Mattress (no tax, no shipping, 2 free pillows).

The endppoint you got me to is a far cry from me initially asking, “What’s the difference between that pink one and and the fancy one?” Thanks again for that and the 5% off.

Hi itookacunuk,

Now that’s funny … and it sure put a smile on my face!

Thanks for the kind words … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


They are really nice w great return policy. I have dealt w them before

This company provides a very low quality product and their warranty policy is ridiculous. I have a mattress that is less than 2 years old and it has a 4" dip in it. The cheap memory foam that they used has completely failed. Their warranty response? Send it to us and we will “evaluate” the failure. Oh, and you’re in California, but ship it to us in North Carolina. The cheapest carrier I can find for this is $400, one way, and even if they would “allow” the warranty claim, I would still have to pay return shipping as well! This company is great at marketing hype and world class jerks at product quality and warranty support. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE JERKS!

Hi haeffele,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with your mattress but some of the comments you have made aren’t particularly accurate or fair.

I would suspect that there may be more happening here than meets the eye but their warranty is fairly standard in the industry so your comments would apply to most companies in the industry … not just Rocky Mountain Mattress. I’m not clear why you are singling them out for criticism about their warranty when most other warranties would be similar? The terms of their warranty are on their site here and haven’t changed since you purchased your mattress. You can see some examples of other warranties for Sealy here, for Serta here, for Tempurpedic here, for King Koil here, for Simmons here and most others as well that all exclude transportation charges in their warranty coverage.

You also aren’t correct about the quality of their products. They certainly don’t sell low quality products or “cheap” memory foam although even high quality products can occasionally be defective and may need to be replaced.

If you have a 4" impression in your mattress and it’s not the result of mistreating your mattress or using it on an unsuitable foundation or support system then there would be no reason for them to deny your warranty claim but the manufacturer will need to inspect it and decide whether to replace it or repair it.

They may also be able to help you find a shipping method that is less costly although if you are more intent on criticizing them than working with them to resolve your situation then they would have much less incentive to work with you to help you in whatever way they can.

If a single warranty claim was an indication of the quality of the materials in a mattress or the mattress itself or if every consumer decided to no longer purchase from a manufacturer or retailer that had a warranty claim on occasion there would no longer be any retailers or manufacturers left in the industry. Warranty claims are always unfortunate and nobody is happy if their mattress turns out to be defective but a company is only responsible for abiding by the terms of their warranty and these terms are part of the warranty conditions you agree to when you purchase a mattress (or any product for that matter).

Could you post a picture on the forum that shows the 4" impression? Impressions this deep would be very unusual and don’t usually happen “suddenly” and there could be other issues involved here as well.


Well you seem to be an apologist for the mattress industry. The fact that they all offer terrible warranty policies harks back to my mother’s question, “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?”. This company advertises and promotes themselves as the “Rocky Mountain Mattress” company. Guess what? NO WAY!!! I purchased this $2000 mattress for our RV assuming that I was dealing with a reputable company based in Utah (see their website). Since we are based on the west coast, I figured if there was a problem, then I would at worst need to travel to Salt Lake for warranty service. Instead, their warranty center is in some little town in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, 3000 miles away. So I’m supposed to spend $800+ on the off chance that these crooks might decide to honor my warranty after I’ve sent them pictures showing the pit that I sleep in every night and wake up to back pain every morning. Oh, and by the way, what am I supposed to sleep on for the 3+ weeks that they’re deciding how to screw me yet again? You asked for a picture, well here they are. I stand by my earlier statements. This company builds a junk product, they market it with fake YouTube testimonials, and then hide behind a warranty that is non-existent. They are thieves, liars, and shysters. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM unless you want to throw your money away. I’m expecting no help from these folks, I’m just trying to warn others of their immoral business practices. I’m a real customer. PHOENIX who are you?

Hi haeffele,

If you look at this page you will see the goals, ideals, and values of this site and you will notice that one of the ideals is “knowledgeable consumers” and the information that can help consumers become more knowledgeable is much of what this site is all about and the reason it exists.

I’m not sure if you read my previous reply which deals with most of what you repeated in your last post but regardless of your experience … the reality of the industry is that by your standards … most if not all mattress manufacturers would be “thieves, liars, and shysters” because their written warranty requires you to return a defective mattress at your expense and your “warning” basically translates into “don’t buy a mattress from anyone” and you may as well be sleeping on the floor. Part of being an informed consumer and one of the goals of the site is to help consumers replace hindsight with foresight so that you would be aware of this type of information before you make a purchase.

While of course nobody wants to be in a situation like yours and I think that most people would be frustrated to have a defective product of any type … it’s also a reality that some mattresses will be defective and I think that most people would realize that to judge every mattress made by a company based on one person’s experience with a defective mattress makes no sense at all. As unfortunate as it may be … every company will have a defective mattress on occasion.

The corporate offices of Rocky Mountain Mattress are in Lehi, Utah and the factory that manufactures their mattresses is in Conover, NC (see here). I’m not clear why this would somehow mean that they aren’t “Rocky Mountain Mattress Company” or that they aren’t legitimate. The company that designs and sells a mattress is often not in the same city or area or state as the factory that makes it.

If you change your approach from one of belligerence and reaction to one of reason and cooperation then they may be willing to work with you to help you find a shipper that can return your mattress for a lower cost but it certainly shouldn’t cost you $800 to return your mattress and have a new one delivered to you.

If you were more knowledgeable and informed about mattress materials and the industry you would realize that they certainly aren’t “junk products” and if you step back a little bit from your more emotional and reactive approach you would realize that as unfortunate as it may be … you appear to have a defective mattress and the most effective approach to resolve your situation would be to talk with them and find out what it’s possible to do rather than just venting about issues that are part of the whole industry and not just one company that you purchased a mattress from.

Sometimes the reality of a situation isn’t what we hope for or even like very much … but it’s what we have to deal with until it changes.


Thanks for your non-reply. Rocky Mountain Mattress’s reply to the shipping cost (after several e-mails) was to invite several friends over to somehow compress a king size 14" thick mattress into something that could amazingly be shipped? When they shipped it to me it was rolled into a two foot diameter shrink wrapped cylinder (which probably destroyed any cell integrity of the mattress). Since I don’t have access to the magic machines they have, I’m stuck. Again, I have nothing to gain at this point. These folks have my money and I have a seriously defective product. Again, WHO ARE YOU? I’m a duped consumer and you have yet to identify yourself. Am I venting? Sure! Have you spent $2000 for junk and a back ache every morning?

Hi haeffele,

Short term compression during shipping doesn’t harm a foam mattress that uses good quality materials.

I would hope it would be obvious why on a site like this that has hundreds of thousands of people seeking advice or information I would keep my identity private and who I am isn’t nearly as important as the information that is on the site and is available to the people who come here. You can read more about the history of the site and the reasons that I started it in post #4 here and some of the posts it links to. While there are many people I talk with in the industry who know who I am … to you and to the forum members here I am Phoenix and my private identity isn’t something that you “need to know” or that would be relevant to the information that is provided here.

Again … I understand that your situation is frustrating but reacting to the information I post on a personal level won’t help you resolve your issues and anger is less effective than reason.

If you have the ability to compress the mattress in the way it was suggested then it could certainly help with shipping charges but if it’s not something that is possible then I would call them on the phone and ask for their help rather than taking the approach you are taking where you may end up disaffecting people that may otherwise be willing to help you.

“Killing the messenger” that provides you with accurate information (whether you are happy with or “like” the information or not) also won’t help you resolve the issues you are facing.


Rocky Mountain Mattress provides a great product made from CertiPUR-US® certified, high-density, made in the USA foam. Our warranty policy is posted on our website for all to read. Although we do provide free shipping to your destination (within the continental USA) on all new orders, we do require that our customer’s pay freight to our factory locations on warranty claims, which is common in the industry. To aid in providing appropriate service on warranty issues, we often request pictures to help us understand where problems may exist and what their causes may be. In this particular case, the pictures sent to us by Mr. Haeffele indicated an issue down one side of the mattress, which is not typical of a normal impression or product failure. Therefore, we followed protocol and requested that he send the product in for inspection and warranty servicing. Had we been given the chance to service his mattress, we would have performed an inspection and either repaired or replaced his mattress. Unfortunately, we were not given the chance to proceed with the process when Mr. Haeffele decided not to ship the mattress to the factory.

Pictures sent. Failure acknowledged. Oh but still send us product at your cost (>$800). And in the interim, (3+ weeks) you can sleep on the floor. This company has no notion of customer service or of a quality product. This mattress is not even 2 years old and they acknowledge (see their response) that it has failed. Yet I am supposed to front $800 to pay for shipping on the off chance they MIGHT replace this piece of junk. They might as well warranty it for 1000 years since their warranty, like their product, is pure junk.

And as a final note: CertiPUR-US only certifies that your mattress won’t kill you due to toxic chemicals. It has absolutely no standards or guarantees beyond that. A really stellar standard!! Your mattress won’t poison you!! An industry to really be proud of. One that sells the EXACT same mattress under 15 different names to make sure you can’t comparison shop. But I’m sure Phoenix will explain why that’s a good thing.

Hi haeffele,

I understand that you are frustrated and I understand that you are not in a situation that anyone would be happy with but it’s also important for you to understand that the process you are involved in is the same as it would be with any other manufacturer where you needed to send the mattress to the factory so that they could examine the mattress and see if there are any indications that the impressions were caused by something other than defective materials (such as a foundation that didn’t support the mattress properly to give one possible example).

Reposting the same incorrect information on multiple occasions doesn’t make what you are posting any more accurate or true and it seems to me that it would make much more sense to reread some of the previous replies and focus on taking the steps that would make it possible to deal with and resolve your situation as far as possible rather than making choices that makes any resolution impossible.

There are many short term solutions that can give you something temporary to sleep on during the process and this isn’t something that any manufacturer is responsible for or that is covered under any warranty and I think that any reasonable person would realize this.

Hopefully you will give your situation more thought and decide on a more reasoned approach that is focused more on finding solutions and making choices that will help you make the best of a difficult situation because the choices you are making now, the approach you are taking, and all the sarcasm in the world won’t help you to resolve anything and the only possible outcome will be buying a new mattress.

Of course the choices you make are yours to make … but IMO it would really make more sense to take a breath and to step back a little bit emotionally and to put your efforts towards finding the best possible solution.


Same thing happened to me, but I was lucky only lost $400 with a junk topper.
Yes, pure junk, that’s what you’ll find in most small companies. Small companies can’t compete with well known ones, so their busines model is to scam people. It happens at pretty much every industry in the US.
Here, the mattresses snobs have pure hatred to big companies, and not much knowledge about mattresses really, and a total obsession in promoting all these small companies, more than likely because they get a kickback.

Hi Piticli.

I will start by saying I’m sorry you were unsatisfied with your topper product. But, your disdain and anger is misplaced and if you have an issue with a product, you should take it up with the company in question and not attack every small business under the sun and our forum because of it.

I’m alarmed at the strange reverse narrative you’re preaching here. Many large retailers of all types (clothes, beds, food) are literally master storytellers. They bleed money into beefy marketing departments to sell you a narrative that their cheaply made, mass produced, foreign product with little regulation is going to solve x problem in your life. These large companies don’t actually care about you as the consumer at all. It’s not hard to find case after case of this. They have massive legal departments to protect them from lawsuits from angsty townspeople looking for a fight and they’re virtually untouchable.

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of a cheap assembly line, massive marketing team, and legal department. They thrive on quality, attention to the consumer, etc.

No one here overtly hates large companies. If you find a Sealy or whatever large brand product that you love, then good for you! We’re happy when anyone comes to the forum, uses the vast knowledge bank we’ve curated for them to educate themselves, and makes an informed purchase based on testing and preference from ANY brand. Do we have brand we’ve personally vetted and feel more comfortable recommending? Absolutely. Does this mean we automatically think all companies who are not our personally vetted members are trash? Of course not. In fact, you’ll find us discussing brands of all kinds - some we’ve never heard of until a consumer mentions them here - and even helping consumers navigate purchases with said companies.

Ultimately, we want the people who visit our forum to make the best decision they can for themselves. We have no desire to make that decision for them.

So, all of that to say, I’m sorry you’re mad about your topper. If you want to fix the problem, you could manufacture your own that are up to par with your standards and if they’re up to par with ours, maybe we’ll even promote them here in the forum.