Rolling up mattresses for shipping

Some of the online retailers state that they roll up their latex mattresses for shipping…including one mattress that has pocket coils. It would seem a mattress that can be rolled up 1) may not be the best quality and 2) should not be rolled up to prevent crushing of the foam.

Am I missing something?

Hi nascarnole,

This is an excellent question, but with domestic products that are boxed-bed mattresses for a shorter period of time (a few weeks generally, give or take) this isn’t an issue. Latex specifically is a very durable material that has a strong rebound and recovery, and I wouldn’t have a concern with such a product being roll-packed for shipping. There is also a newer generation of innerspring units with edge reinforcement (such as the Quantum Edge line from Leggett and Platt) that are specifically designed to be roll-packed and work fine with boxed-bed mattresses. And polyfoams generally will do fine if compressed for shipment, with most manufacturers recommending the mattress be taken out of the box within a 3-4 week timeframe (it varies by manufacturer and the product on the inside). Additionally, the newest generation of roll-pack machinery does an excellent job of compressing these mattresses and readying them for shipment.

The largest concern I would have would be with items that are compressed for longer periods of time, especially as can happen in imported polyfoams, that may not rebound as well if left compressed for months.


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