Rough Linen Sheets

Hello TMU Forum!

What’s the feedback on Rough Linen? I am tempted to try these!

High recommendations from this site:

Big investment, so I thought I would ask all of you first.


Hi buttercupbetty,

I don’t have any personal experience with them although a set of linen sheets are still on my wish list.

There have been some discussions on the forum about them though and a forum search on rough linen will bring them up (although it will also bring up some posts with just the words or partial words “rough” and “linen” that aren’t about Rough Linen).


PS: Thanks for including the link to The Sweet Home article about linen sheets, I hadn’t seen it. There is a link to their article about cotton sheets in the reference post for sheets here and I’ve added a link to their article about linen sheets as well.

For what it is worth, I bought a set of linen pillowcases from Restoration Hardware. The garment-dyed linen version to be exact. I LOVE their garment-dyed percale sheets so I wanted to try linen and bit the bullet by getting the pillowcases first to try. Not inexpensive but certainly a lot cheaper than a whole set.

I’m glad I did as I learned two things 1) a linen pillowcase was a slightly cooler option to help solve for my “hot” latex pillow and 2) I don’t like linen. Despite using them everyday for about 6 weeks and multiple washings, just felt a little less than soft (scratchy is far to strong a term, I don’t know how to describe it but just wasn’t as nice - to me - as percale).

So long story short - if in doubt, if you can swing getting a pillowcase to try first, that may be a good option before committing to a whole set.

I haven’t ordered from RL yet, but it is a future goal of mine. You can get little sample cards sent to you so you can feel the linen. However, the sample piece is so small that you couldn’t make a decision based from it. The owner Tricia is amazing and is very responsive with any sort of questions you might have and is very helpful. She also has YouTube videos on how to make the bed without using a fitted sheet.

I ended up buying a set from West Elm for $100 off. Only the “moonstone” color is on super sale…the others are 20% off. Just an FYI.

Hi buttercupbetty,

I’m interested in finding out how you like them once you’ve received them and tried them out.

The West Elm site says that they’re made in China and it would also be interesting to know how they compare with some of the linen sheets that are sourced and made in Europe.


I have a top sheet from them. Seems nice enough. I almost like my Muji linen sheets better (have the bottom and the comforter), maybe evenly?. And like both better (find them to be better quality) then my Garment dyed Restoration Home top sheet. That being said, Muji is only for short mattresses 10" or shorter.

btw, linen sheet washing care is a b*tch. Gotta only half dry them and then hang them/lay them out to finish drying them. Worth it, tho, i now for the most part only use linen.

If i had to do all my linen sheet buying again, and i did not have a short mattress, Rough linen or Lineco (or whatevter it’s called) would be good options for me.

Also to mention, the white is not optic white. It’s not totally offwhite, but it’s not optic white.

Linen sheets are awesome in general.

I am disappointed with Rough Linen sheets, since they thinned out at the feet and developed holes in a eight washes.
I then bougth new sheets from Linen Studio RG. Love them, and their linen is heavier, softer and much more durable. The price is great too.

Hi AmyB,

I’m sorry you’re not liking your sheets. Unfortunately, this can happen sometimes with some linen products and there are many factors to account for wear. At the foot of the bed, toenails and pulling from tucking the sheet in are two of the largest reasons for excessive wear. Also, make sure with any of the more “natural” sheets that you follow specifically the manufacturer’s recommendations for laundering.