RV Loft Mattress

Hi all, new member and hoping to get some guidance. We have an RV that has a loft for the master sleeping area so there is limited headroom and that means a lower height mattress will keep us from bumping our heads on the ceiling.
We have a Comfortaire mattress at home that we really like but have also liked laying on both the Englander Gel Foam and Simmons Silver Moon before we decided on the Comfortaire. Does anyone know of a nice gel type foam mattress or other type of good quality mattress in a Queen or King that is a maximum of 8" in height? Thanks in advance!

Hi scottydawg,

The first place I would start is post #1 here and the links to other information in it which will help you avoid most of your worst options (such as the major manufacturers) and help you focus on the better ones.

Once you’ve read this … if you let me know the city or zip where you live I’d be happy to let you know of any better possibilities in your area that I’m aware of.

A mattress is only as good as the quality of the materials that are in it and one of the most important parts of mattress shopping is to focus on materials not the brand and to make sure that you only look at mattresses or deal with retailers or manufacturers who will provide the quality details of every layer of a mattress you are seriously considering and educate you about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and their relative durability as well.


Thank you for the reply, I will take a good look. B)