S&F intellicoil with micro mini pocket coil

Hello- I am new and have been skimming the topics relating to Stearns and Foster. My search for the ‘best mattress’ started 7 years ago. Chronic low back pain from old injury and arthritis made sleeping very hard. I stayed at a hotel and had the most marvelous sleep. Searching the Hotel site I found that the mattress was a simmons. My shopping started at this point. After test several beds I opted for a Sealy posturpedic and bought it on the 30 day sleep comfort plan. Within 2 weeks I started suffering with hip pain and realized the bed was too hard. I then exchanged for a higher end Simmons (World class series).
The bed was heaven for about a year but then my old complaints cropped up again. The bed had a dip but was not at the warranted 2". I then went and purchased a Serta that was a medium plush and started using it. My husbands big complaint was the heat that the bed held (lots of memory foam in the pillowtop). Again after a period I had problems with it. So to date I keep switching between both mattresses (both pillowtops btw).
A few days ago I saw a S&F Dominion tight top (Sears in Canada). It claims 2665 coils made from the intellicoil plus micro mini pocket coils on top. Laying on it felt like pure luxury, and my husband agreed that he loved it also. Today I am ready to purchase this bed, but have been looking online at reviews etc. Although, I have yet to see anything about this coil concept, I am finding that S&F is receiving awful reviews from people. Most complaints are from 2006 to 2008 but I now have a red flag.
Has anyone had experience with this type of mattress?


Hi luvsleep,

You are in the same loop as perhaps the majority of consumers who are buying major brand mattresses which either use lower quality foams and materials in the all important comfort layers (which are the weak link of most mattresses) or that are just poor value compared to many smaller manufacturers.

Post #1 here and the information it links to will give you a series of steps that can help you find a mattress that is suitable for your needs and preferences but will also have much better quality and value than any of the major brands in any budget range.

Like all major brands … I would also avoid Stearns & Foster. I would also pay much less attention to coil count because this is a very misleading way to buy a mattress.

A microcoil for example has nothing to do with the support of the mattress and is used as a comfort layer to replace various foams. To include the coil count of a microcoil in the coil count of the mattress is really meaningless information meant to mislead consumers that believe that coil counting is a good way to compare mattresses. Even comparing mattresses that don’t use microcoils using coil count as a your comparison criteria can be very misleading (see the innerspring page here).

There are many mattresses that use microcoils (if you prefer this to other types of comfort layers) that have much better value than a Stearns and Foster and there are also many other comfort materials available besides microcoils that you may prefer even more (although it’s certainly a legitimate options as a comfort layer choice).