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Background info:.
My husband and I have had a s e r t a i c o m f o r t for about 6 years. It sags and has a hill in the middle. It no longer supports my back and causes pain. I used to love it but we are looking for something that lasts much longer and can help us sleep better.
My husband is 5’11" 150lbs and is a side and back sleeper he tosses and turns at night, says he wakes up every hour. He also sleeps hot
I am 5’6" and around 190 I am a back and side sleeper I also toss and turn and I can sleep hot or cold depending on the temperature in the room. I have neck and upper back issues that can radiate into my arms and hand. I may also gain weight as we are in the process of trying to conceive.
We were originally looking at hybrid mattresses but when I read that if you gain weight and then loose it it can cause an issue in support with hybrid I was hesitant.
We have narrowed down our search and are looking at organic latex. We have never tried latex. We do like a pillow top feel
We have done the mattress customized builder on the s l e e p e z website and it says the build (if I choose a 10 inch, but again not sure how many inches we need) would be:

I can seem to post the customized info. So I will go on to questions.
The firmest side would be my side because I weigh more. I understand that much. I just don’t know if the inches would be right if we like a pillow top type of feel? I have slept on form mattresses before and had horrible sleep. I’m not sure I even need a pillow top,maybe not a firm mattress.
Is there edge support with this mattress so I can sit on the edge?
We have an existing box spring that’s split and has springs in it will that work for the latex mattress?
Will the latex develop rutt’s? And will the split cause a sinkage issue in the middle?
Can the latex layers be replaced?

I’d suggest contacting Sleep EZ either by phone or email, they’re very helpful and will be best qualified to answer your specific concerns due to their extensive experience with latex mattresses. I can answer some of your questions based on my experience but it may differ from yours. A latex mattress can be configured to provide what many would describe as a ‘pillow top’ feel, the firmness of the selected support and comfort layers would impact that. Latex mattresses don’t have as firm a degree of edge support as a mattress with a firm foam edge surround or heavier springs around the edge, but it doesn’t allow you to roll off as easily as a memory foam mattress does since the latex provides support. Of course it would be beneficial if you could find a local seller of latex mattresses to try out in person, but if that’s not a possibility you can discuss return options with Sleep EZ before making a purchase. If your box spring is the old style with active springs and it flexes under pressure it’s probably not suitable for use with a latex mattress or most modern mattresses. Most mattresses these days including latex are designed to perform on a rigid non-flexing foundation, platform bed or adjustable base. Using a latex mattress on a springy box spring would not provide the desired support. I don’t have any experience with split firmness designs, but latex layers can be replaced if they soften over the years as long as they’re not glued.

Hope that helped, but again I’d suggest running your questions by Sleep EZ.

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As Sweet Dreams has mentioned, the best source for answers to these questions will come from Sleep EZ directly. They, of course, know their product best and can help point you towards your best match from their inventory based on everything you’ve shared with us here!